Flavourly Craft Beer Club

We're joined the new Craft Beer Club from Flavourly for today's Craft Test. Filled with a selection of 8 craft beers, a bottle opener, glass and bar snacks, we got creative with the brews and cooked up some honey beer nuts, a cheese & ale dip and craft brew beercaroons.

CO+K members in the UK can get off £10 off their first Flavourly craft beer box with the code CAT12.

Honey Beer Nuts

Inspired by Hiver, a brown honey ale, these tasty bar nuts combine spices with honey, sugar, butter and sea salt for the perfect pairing.

Craft Brew Beercaroons

Full of dark roasted malt flavours, the Black Saison beer from Firebrand Brewing was the perfect match for the dark chocolate ganache in these beercaroons.

Cheese & Ale Dip

Perfect for a party, this tangy dip combines Fourpure Amber Ale with cheese and mustard.

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