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Hong Kong, China • Visit Website »

The best thing about living in Hong Kong is that there is Mass Transit Railway (MTR) to everywhere you need. It only takes around 3 minutes for a train and makes it so much easier to get from places to places!

131 Gilmore Pl, Edinburgh • Visit Website »

Our friends and fellow CO+Kers Katie & Phil have opened a craft shop in Edinburgh called Thread & Heather. This week we're getting crafty in their shop and making miniature melted crayon art.

Come behind the scenes at Melmaria Designs and tour Melody's cosy studio in New Hampshire.

My room, where my studio is, is actually an add-on space to our original house, and I love that it has wood floors and a slanted roof. The floors are easy to clean, and the roof makes it cozy.

Lisa from Tea and Craft recreates the colorful style of Japanese pop singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the stage name of a Japanese pop singer and model who is not afraid to play with fashion. She keeps her makeup simple and fresh, her bows and false eyelashes big, her colours bright, and her accessories OTT. Kyary uses layering to create interesting silhouettes and adds embellishments and accessories to liven up otherwise plain wardrobe stables. Her style is cute, kooky, often a little creepy, and absolutely perfect to DIY. You may not be able to find a plastic jungle animal necklace or a studded bowler hat or question mark pattern tights in the stores, but don't let that stop you from having fun recreating Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's look!

Carlisle, England • Visit Website »

Cook some traditional Cumbrian Rum Butter with Helen from Carlisle, England.

Our sidekicks have been painting with Old-Fashioned Milk Paint in this week's Craft Test and making a ladder back chair, refinished table, cookbook holder, snack cones, and a painted crate.

Want to win some Milk Paint to try for yourself, click below to enter!

2500 30th St. #101 Boulder, Co 80301 • Visit Website »

Cook a Creamy Mac & Cheese Sauce and Turkish Chopped Salad with Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder, Colorado.

Learn how-to knit a magic loop with Dot from Littletheorem Knits and then use the technique to make her Cloud Cover Hat.

We're experimenting with whisky from Lady Of The Glen in today's craft test and trying to create the perfect food pairing with our recipe for rosemary & pumpkin seed oatcakes and apple & walnut chutney.

Cook up some Amish chicken corn soup with Ashley in Pennsylvania.

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