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Lindsay from Lacquered Lawyer teaches us how to recreate Miley Cyrus' dope camo nail manicure and then gives her a music maniac makeover.

Miley definitely pushes the boundaries with her wardrobe choices - definitely not mainstream, and a little (or a lot) more skin than most would deem appropriate. But her style is certainly all her own, and I give her credit for not caring what anyone thinks.

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Secret Garden Embroidery

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We chat to Sophie, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to reuse waste canvas.

I am a designer, author and compulsive maker of things. I run my embroidery business, What Delilah Did (www.whatdelilahdid.com) from my home in a sleepy Norfolk village, where I spend my time making books, pretty cross stitch patterns, kits and squillions of other beautiful crafty things.

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Normal square happy dress

We meet Van who is obsessed with pandas, loves mod podge and likes everything craft!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

Years ago, I was searching for an arts & crafts forum or somewhere to share and socialize with other crafters. I found Cut Out & Keep and knew it was exactly what I was searching for. :)

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm working on my 10 Dresses in 10 Weeks Summer Sewing Series right now. The tutorials are being released every Tuesday for the next couple of months. I'm also working on some upcoming series, including clothing for Sweater Weather and some plushies.

PunkyFunk recreates the bright and colourful home of artist, Sebastian Masuda.

Sebastian Masuda is not only an artist, but also the creator of the fashion line %6DOKIDOKI, who's style goes hand in hand with his art!

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DIY Emblazoned Loafers

Recreate the look with Xenia's tutorial for Emblazoned Loafers.

Check out [Diy] Emblazoned Loafers on Cut Out + Keep

We've been busy giving the CO+K office a makeover this month with the help of Zazzle, who let us design our own custom fabric and sent some office supplies for us to get creative with. Learn how-to sew a handy sewing machine cover, customise an animal ear phone case, reupholster some shabby office chairs, turn a whiteboard into a calendar and sew an embroidery hoop sewing kit.

Want to design your own fabric to get crafty with? Click below for your chance of winning $100 to spend on Zazzle custom fabric!

New York, New York • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Vikalpah and tour Sahana's master bedroom craft space in New York.

The favorite thing about my craft space is, it is spacious and have enough daylight as it has two large windows side by side.

PixieFey recreates the quirky style of Penelope Garcia from TV Show, Criminal Minds.

Penelope Garcia has a fun, quirky style that I love. Knee length dresses and skirts teamed with cardigans and big, bold accessories. Often changes her hair colour sometimes adding bright streaks. Wears some amazing spectacles.

3746 N Southport Avenue, Chicago • Visit Website »

Make a Yogurt & Fruit Parfait, Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal Delight and a Vegan Pina Colada Protein Shake with Froyo Chicago Cafe in Chicago, Illinois.

(Photography by Angela Garbot Photography.)

We head to St Joseph, Missouri to meet Lee Rose, a ska-gypsy who takes her craziness out on art and crafts!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I had idea for several projects which when I searched other crafting websites didn't turn anything up, but I noticed consistently when I was searching the internet that Co+K had something like what I was looking for. Between that and the ability to save the projects I liked, I was hooked! Now I'm on here more than anywhere else.

What projects are you currently working on?

I've been trying to find a way to blend my art-painting with my love of crafts by adding fibers, cut-outs, embossing, stamps and stitches. I'm teaching myself to bookbind. And between all that I've been making up a new curriculum for classes to teach at a new venue.

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