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DIY The Look

Create a belly dancing outfit in #DIYTheLook with Louise.

Some projects put together for belly dancing. Not necessarily a look for the 'high street', unless you're brave (and don't feel the cold here in the UK!) but some costumes are super expensive, so great to have some ideas to put the costume together :)

Create a bright yellow floral outfit for Spring in #DIYTheLook with Lucy.

I chose the yellow dress as i think its a great all-rounder. Could be teamed with heels and a cardigan or flats and a denim jacket. I chose the ice cream shoes because lets face it... who wouldnt! :)

Pack a MiniMoon Essentials suitcase in #DIYTheLook with Callie.

A MiniMoon Essentials list … literally a list of slightly quirky, bohemian essentials to take on our minimoon - which is essentially laying by the pool, sleeping and not-doing-very-much :) Of course, in the evenings we’ll potter into town to have dinner … and as my fiancé is lucky to have bagged me, I thought a WonderWoman modpodge clutch would be my perfect evening bag! The velvet shoes with ribbons are perfect for romantic dinners, too, ‘tho I’d need to find a pair of red velvet shoes to go with my WonderWoman bag.

Create a spring style outfit in #DIYTheLook with from Charlotte from Lotts and Lots.

Hi! With spring just around the corner I've put together a "get the look" that covers everything from what to wear, gorgeous accessories, pretty ways to relax and even ways decorate your home for a spring celebration. This time of year makes me feel really crafty so I hope these colourful DIY projects inspire you to get creative. Happy Making! Charlotte - Lotts and Lots xx

Create a head-to-toe boho look in #DIYTheLook with Lindsey from Make it Lucky.

Baby, it’s cold outside, so ditch the SAD by planning your next fun summer look with Cut Out + Keep’s Boho side. I absolutely love the bright and bubbly style Mark Montano brings to the table with the totally fun bag and bangles. Pair LushtoBlush’s beachy, care-free waves with this airy crochet beanie I designed last summer and don’t forget to finish off a strand with one of Nina ntonti’s feather ties…so adorbs. Let’s keep the make-up simple with all this color going on - McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam has your back there. I’m a sucker for up-cycled clothing, which is what I love about Confessions of a Refashionista’s tutorial for this cute top and Paprika patterns’ hemming tutorial that will help you jazz up your ultimate maxi skirt. Then don’t forget to accessorize: the breezy mod for flip flops by Pavlov, the alluring little ear-climber by Anne Jenamae, and that bangin’ boho DIY ring by Nikki B. …all you need to do now is plan your beachy island getaway!

Recreate the look of Frida Kahlo in #DIYTheLook with Mary.

I chose to recreate the look of the fierce and forever stylish Frida Khalo. My main interest is jewellery, and my current favourite designers are Arpana Rayamajhi and Susan Alexandra – both of whom I think could have made jewellery for Frida! It was the ‘Fiesta Earrings’ which inspired me to put together this look. Also, I am currently experiencing a winter in Sweden, so wanted to choose something summery, colourful and fresh to look forward to warmer weather.

Recreate a 1940’s rock look in #DIYTheLook with Ruth Oosterman.

I have always been drawn to the post war era and the glamourous women with their hair pinned up, bright red lips and of course, the pearls. That being said, I find an overly polished look can be too much for everyday wear which is why I’ve added a few rocker chic pieces. The leather bag, red heels and skinny jeans modernize the look while the studded coat, reverse French nail and the skeleton shirt add a feistiness. The best part is how most of these things can already be found in your closet or craft box so you can create the look yourself, just add your own touch and voila!

Recreate the look of Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless in #DIYTheLook with FallenBeyond.

I love rocking out to The Pretty Reckless when I’m just getting started with my day or in need of some musical hype. Aside from her mature voice, I always liked Taylor’s edgy stage outfits with tight clothing and long socks or boots paired with some sort of leather jacket. This outfit was made using her general style of clothing with a zombie necklace in reference to her song “Zombie”, and of course, her iconic heavy smoky eye.

Create a budget friendly look for fall in #DIYTheLook with Melissa from The Fashion Huntress.

What I love about this look is that most people have all these items in their home already! You can reinvent and get creative for a relatively low cost. Fashion DIY on the perfect budget is where it’s at for fall!

Recreate the look of Morticia and Wednesday from the Addams Family in #DIYTheLook with Jennie.

As the weather turns cooler, and the leaves begin to die, I’ve been in the mood to rewatch my favorite Halloween movies. My all time favorite being the Addams Family. I’ve always adored the macabre fun of the Addams clan, especially the ladies of the family. Morticia, the matriarch femme-fatale, able to seduce her husband with just a few French words falling from her ruby painted lips. ‘Oui, mon cher!’ And her daughter Wednesday; disturbingly well-read, brilliant, enthusiastic, and creepy all at the same time, in her classic black dress with the pristine white collar and long braids. So perhaps this Halloween you can take your inspiration from one of the Addams ladies. After all, aren’t we each searching for someone in this world to love us as devotedly as Gomez loves his Morticia?

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    I truly might want to endeavor take a gander at your blog one day prior! They simply influence individuals to go and I sort of need to have that power, by and by, astounding stuff! It is...
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