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DIY The Room

Create the perfect room for your cat in #DIYTheRoom with Sophia aka The Dark Vixen.

Cats are amazing. They don’t judge us at all. They comfort us greatly when where sad, whether with a reassuring lick or a rub of the head. They give us so much yet need so little. Here are some projects I’ve chosen inspired by cats that you can make in celebration of these cute and loving creatures.

Recreate Frida Kahlo's bedroom in #DIYTheRoom with Shannan from Bobbin & Fred.

Frida Kahlo’s face is everywhere! We’ve all seen her adorned in flowers, unibrow and moustache on proud display in defiance of our Western ideals of femininity, but how many of us have ventured into her home to see how she lived? A virtual tour round Frida’s summer home, La Casa Azul (the Blue House), shows a riot of colour, pattern and natural woods. It’s a beautiful space and one I wanted to honour and add to. I think Frida would’ve loved the modern craft movement and, although we can see how her bedroom looked back in the 50s, this is how I imagine it might look today. I’ve included splashes of the vibrant colours Frida already has in her home, large blooms she decorated her hair with so why not her lampshades and, even a miniature marionette theatre because Frida used to make her own puppets as well as paint! Frida learned to paint from her bed and was often confined to it for months at a time so I’ve added a crochet quilt, comfy Mexican look cushion, vases for her paintbrushes and, a jewellery display. Frida had a beautiful view into her garden from her bed, so I couldn’t resist adding some mosaic pot plants. I love these warm, homely touches that evoke a sense of Mexico and La Casa Azul and hope Frida would have done too.

Create a Summertime Hippie hangout in #DIYTheRoom with Joanna from Goddess Crochet.

Summer is my favorite season. It is a time to slow down and enjoy some quality time outside, feel the grass between your toes, and the breeze in your hair. Connect with the earth while transforming your area into a positively charged hippie haven with this collection of DIY tutorials.

Recreate the home of the Weasley family, The Burrow in #DIYTheRoom with Sonia.

The Burrow is one of the cosiest and homeliest houses in the wizarding world and with Mrs Weasley in charge, you will find some of the most exciting and interesting objects with knits and unique objects lying around. The jumble of different objects together makes The Burrow extremely desirable and amazing."

Create a cosy baby's nursery in #DIYTheRoom with Maro from Akamatra.

If I could get my 16 month old daughter to sleep in her own room, this is what it would look like. Filled with crochet and knit fluffy things, colorful paintings and lots (lots and lots) of storage! And a colossal squid, cause everyone needs a squid in their room!

Create a DIY Craft Room in #DIYTheRoom with Renee.

My dream craft room would be organized and cozy! I love to be able to find what I need, when I need it, and cozy enough for a bit of inspiration! Im a sucker for pretty papers and these organizers would be a perfect way to use them. Now I have to get going and make some of this stuff!!

Recreate the room of Edward Scissorhands in #DIYTheRoom with Catherine.

Nothing like coming home after a long day of trimming Hedges and cutting hair to all my favorite things. This room makes me happy enough to die.

Create a mermaid hideaway in #DIYTheRoom with Jennie.

Between trying to beat the summer heat at the community pool, and going to see Disney's The Little Mermaid last week, I seem to have mermaids on the brain right now. If a seaside vacation isn't in the budget, how about a little crafty redecorating to make your very own Mermaid Hideaway? A combination of cool blue and turquoise hues, soft furnishings, a few well chosen seashell accessories, some ocean inspired artwork and you'll soon be under the sea!

Recreate the look of Maleficent's castle in #DIYTheRoom with Kinhime Dragon.

While most people see Maleficent as the villain, like when the original animated "Sleeping Beauty" came out long ago, but now we learn from Maleficent that monsters are not born, they are made. I see the Queen of Fairies with a room in Aurora's castle, however her room is not like the other rooms in the castle because it's got a dark fantasy or gothic feel to it, with furniture depicting the darker side of fairy tales, such as Ravens, crows and maybe even some beautiful poisonous flowers. True it's dark but it's gives off a mysterious aura that people love.

Create the perfect tidy and organized bedroom in #DIYTheRoom with Jen.

My daughter recently turned 12 and we have two challenges related to her bedroom: keeping things tidy and organized, and transitioning it from looking like a young kid's room to a preteen's room. I found some amazing, inspiring ideas on Cut Out + Keep that I gathered into a list. Some are a snap to do, and others take a bit more time and skill. I hope this collection helps give you some ideas if you too are looking to update and tidy a preteen girl's room.

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