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Craft Test Sidekicks

We're trying out some Turkish Coffee from Selamlique in #TestKitchen and teaching you how-to brew the perfect Turkish Coffee, bake a Turkish Coffee Cake and mix a Turkish Espresso Martini.

CO+K members can also get 15% off any coffee or confectionery order from Turkish Coffee with the discount code ‘COFFEE’.

We're testing out a set of cat eye contact lenses from Pinky Paradise for this week's #BeautyTest and creating an Amy Lee inspired cat eye makeover for you to recreate at home.

We're getting creative with Cupcake Polish for a #BeautyTest and creating three new looks for you to try at home!

We're getting creative with Harris Tweed for this week's #FabricTest and showing you how to make a pair of tweed Converse, a red carpet bow-tie and a tweed pocket satchel!

We're testing out the Scribbler 3D Pen in #CraftTest and showing you how-to make a Sugar Skull Vase, Cat Ear Ring, London Eye Terrarium and DIY Cookie Cutters.

Our #CraftTestSidekicks are putting EasyKnits yarn to the test in this week's #CraftTest and stitching a lace knit shawl and hand warmers with a matching headband for you to make at home.

We're trying out the Adjustable Rolling Pin from Joseph Joseph for today's #CraftTest and baking cookies and noodles for you to recreate at home.

We're experimenting with Ambar Tequila for this week's #CocktailHour and mixing up a Strawberry Smash, Candy Crush Margarita and Tequila Citrus Cake.

Our Sidekicks are getting arty with PanPastels for today's #CraftTest and showing you how-to create a range of artwork at home. Want to win some PanPastels to try for yourself? Click below to enter:

Our cooking Sidekicks are getting inventive with oils and sauces from The Bay Tree for this week's #CookingTest and making a range of recipes for you to try at home. You can also win one of the ingredients we tested out by clicking below!

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