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DIY The Party

Host a Paddington Bear afternoon tea for your cubs in #DIYTheParty with Cat.

I've started a new tradition of treating my family to Afternoon Tea on Christmas Eve and this year the theme was Paddington Bear. We designed the table to look like a train and each "passenger" got a set of bear ears, and a passport with the menu and a ticket from Darkest Peru to Paddington Station. We tucked into mini bear burgers, bear paw crackers, soup in marmalade jars and marmalade sandwich cookies from mini suitcases. After our tea, we went to see Paddington 2 at the cinema and it was the perfect day!

Make a splash and host a mermaid party in #DIYTheParty with PienderZ.

The winter is almost done! Thank God cause I am done with the winter! So let's celebrate the upcoming summer with a Mermade party! I love the colours of the sea, de shells and the vacationvibe. But I also love fantasy, so I decided to combine these two things. That's how I came up with this Mermaid Party. Give your party colours of blue and green and here and there a splash of red. For more inspiration to lift your party to the next level, check the tutorials I've picked out for jou. Have a great summer!!

Create a jungle themed party in #DIYTheParty with Helen W.

The weather is cold and grey at the moment so I wanted to create a party that would help transport us to more tropical climes. I decided a jungle themed party would be perfect. I'd invite my guests to create their own animal masks or maybe some funky animal print jewellery or a headdress. I'd set the scene with plants, fairy lights and wind chimes to help transport us into a another world inspired by far away lands. Of course, we'd need some snacks and who could resist guacamole or maybe some fruit pizza all washed down with some exotic punch or a super green smoothie for the drivers.

Host the perfect gender reveal party for a baby in #DIYTheParty with Aburklen1221.

The reason I chose a gender reveal party is because not only do you see them happening all the time And they are so neat to look through, but i have alot of friend and family that are having or have had a reveal party. weigh that being said should I have another child it would-be neat to have one done. The food section was the best for me especially since I have a lot of food allergies, most of these snacks can be tweet and made allergen-free. As for the decorations a lot of them can be set to gender colors so that way the reveal would-be able to remain unknown. I had A-blast putting this together and looking up all of the different pieces!

Create a festival themed party in #DIYTheParty with Steph.

To me, festivals are an excuse to go all out - the more glitter, gems, colour and outrageousness the better. It seemed the ideal theme for my perfect party, and I did indeed go ALL out when choosing these amazing craft projects.

Create a sports themed birthday party in #DIYTheParty with Super Madcow.

My sons birthday is coming up this month & he is mad about sports, particularly football, so I have chosen the items on the party list to reflect the things he would like. The items on the list can obviously be changed to suit a theme but the basic idea & instructions are there. I've tried to think of everything from the card & gift wrap, to the food & drinks he would like. I've also looked at the decorations for the room & tables. I was also thinking of a cake for the big day & I chose the football boot cake as it is fun & easy to make & doesn't cost too much in time or money. The only thing missing is the gift. I'm keeping that a secret until the big day.

Create a pirate party in #DIYTheParty with Mistress Nora of Madness.

Pirates had been in story books from my childhood but when Pirates of the Caribbean series came out the Boom from the cannons could be heard around the world. Pirates were everywhere. Halloween and Renaissance fairs were full of them but Now you can go to Bars or just walk downtown and see people enjoying this look. I think a Party based on Pirates should be on every "Speak like a Pirate Day" September 19th. What could be more fun than having Drinks with the skulls of your enemies laying around.

Celebrate Easter in #DIYTheParty with Daniela from CurlyMade.

Easter in my family usually translates into gathering the family for a great meal, but for the kids, it's even more than that, it's bunny themed everything, chocolate egg treats and having fun playing around. I don't usually make table decorations for this season, but I've gathered some craft ideas that seem perfect for a family gathering like this, these would for sure wow the adults and entertain the youngest crowd.

Create a fun and festive house-warming party in #DIYTheParty with Sheila.

I decided to choose a theme of a house-warming party because I'm moving house in the next few weeks. I chose the wine crate stool to make extra seating for my guests; the fabric nesting buckets are to put my plants and my balls of yarn into (I'm a bit of a yarn addict and these buckets look nicer than plastic carrier bags!!!); I'd like to try the abstract wood rug beside my new back door; the haggis oatcakes were a no-brainer because I live in Scotland and love haggis and oatcakes!; the teriyaki chicken is because you can get sick of only eating haggis!; and the nachos and beans are for the same reason - they all look like great snacks to give to guests; the wine and the punch need no explanation and the eco coasters are to stand the wine glasses on to protect my furniture. With bunting hung to decorate the place - all in all it adds up to a great party.

Create a colorful and fun Easter party in #DIYTheParty with Maria.

Easter is coming up and it is a perfect opportunity to have the family crafting together. With these fun and tasty projects Easter is going to be a blast for the kids and the grown ups alike.

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