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DIY The Party

Host an Anime Party in #DIYTheParty with Joelle from js-m crafts.

I was introduced to all things Anime by my daughter. Our house is full of books, DVD’s , stuffed toys and all things anime from childhood to present day. We have had birthday parties with this theme, dress up and makeup sessions throughout the years. Two of my projects within the site are Anime themed.

Host a Gastro Shindig for #DIYTheParty with Onimuoyinbo.

I love the idea of cooking lovely, delicious food and having the opportunity to make beautiful handcrafted products that will be personal to each individual based on their fabric choices and creative ideas. Hosting a gastro shindig is a great opportunity to share our knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Host a Pom Pom Party for #DIYTheParty with Nicole from The Little Craft House.

Bring on all the colour! Nothing says fun like pom poms!

Host an Indoor Plant Lover Party for #DIYTheParty with Nicole from The Little Craft House.

Theres nothing better than being surrounded in nature - so why not bring it inside and celebrate with Mother Nature!

Host a rainbow themed party in #DIYTheParty with Natisha from TNTish.

Rainbows remind me of summer fun with friends, they are beautiful and joyful. I live in the north where everything is covered in snow A LOT. So I love to surround myself with bright colors! Head-to-toe rainbow, and it wouldn't be a party without a rainbow tutu! Whether you're celebrating in the summer and enjoying the warm sun or celebrating in the winter to remind you that it doesn't stay cold forever, a rainbow party is a great way to cheer up!

Host a Trolls World Tour Party in #DIYTheParty with Miranda.

Who doesn't love the Trolls? With a killer soundtrack, an overdose of colour and glitter and some 90s nostalgia, the Trolls have fans of all ages. To celebrate the new movie - or to enjoying re-watching the first! - why not throw a Troll party? All you need to do is get your besties round, have some fun baking cakes and making each other over and then sit down to watch with some popcorn - colourful of course!

Host the dream Girl's Night Bonfire in #DIYTheParty with Carla B.

I picked these items because I've moved to a different area, and I'm missing my girlfriends, and the parties we used to have, on one of the ladies patio, with her firepit, warming our toes, as the night cooled, and the wine and friendly banter and stories earned our hearts. I've pulled these together, thinking of and evening around the fire, laughing, enjoying ourselves, with homemade Blackberry wine, Summer Punch with Bourbon, Bubbles, and Lavender, Strawberry Lemonade, and a variety of snacks, to munch on, with them. Later, we'd turn it all into a slumber party, complete with a big breakfast, of Ice Capp coffee, Mango Banana Blueberry Smoothies, dragonfruit cocktail, Skillet Baked Huevos Rancheros, Bacon Poptarts, and Cinnamon Nut Raisin Bagels. I'd love to truly have this party, if only I could get them all here, for it!

Host a Japanese Garden Party in #DIYTheParty with Samantha.

Japanese Garden Party is an actual party I plan to throw at my new house once we move in, I love the idea of sitting outside with nature having some fresh brewed tea and delicious desserts, while dressed in relaxing kimonos with cute decor!

Celebrate Star Wars Day this May The Fourth in #DIYTheParty with Kim and her Star Wars themed party!

Star Wars has always been one of my favourite fandoms and Star Wars Day is the perfect reason to celebrate. So grab a Jedi robe, pop on one of the movies (or all of them back to back if you fancy a challenge) and of course May the Force Be With You.

Create an awesome Mario themed party in #DIYTheParty with Hello Sweet Taco.

I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan since I could talk, I grew up with them like family so what a dream a Mario party would be. The characters are all so fun and bright, their designs are iconic. Who wouldn’t want to smash open a Boo piñata? Or pin the tale on the Yoshi? Bobbing for mushrooms anyone? Okay maybe we’ll leave that one out

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