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Superhero Sunday

Our favorite artists, illustrators & comic book authors discuss their work and show us their take on our crafty supehero, Crafterella

Hello! I'm Katy. I'm an artist AND I'm a life coach for artists. I'm so passionate about connecting with people through my work. I strive to create an unforgettable experience for them when they view it. I'm also very passionate about coaching and self-improvement. My second passion saved my first <3. I struggled with procrastination, anxiety, and fear around my art so much that I gave up on being an artist in 2016. I discovered coaching and found my way back and now having the most incredible relationship with my work than ever before.

My name is Landry Garnier i'm 21 years old and I'm an self-thaught illustrator/Artist based in Nice, France. The drawing became a real passion for me and my dream is to create my own company of Video Games/ Animation Studio with my best friend.
I learn by myself and I have many dreams that I will like to realize

Carol Rossetti is a Brazilian designer and illustrator starting to come to terms with the word "artist" to define herself. She loves drawing, eating chocolate, reading and listening to music, although not necessarily in this order. She does watercolors, comics and feminism. Sometimes, all at once.

(Photo by Carolina Vianna)

I'm Jo Rioux— I'm an author, an illustrator, and a lifelong space cadet who flies by the seat of her rocket pants. I've illustrated picture books and novels, but my favorite medium remains comics.

My name is Nathanna Érica and I'm an illustrator and paper artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. I can't imagine my life without art, and having graduated from Law school a few years ago made me see that doing anything else other than being an artist would be really difficult.

I'm a Cartoon & Comic Art student in my final year at University from the UK.
Besides making my webcomic I love to make colourful illustrations, especially portraits and creating characters, but I'm trying to branch out a little. I like a lot of pink cutesy art and my main inspirations tend to be webcomics, such as Heartstopper, Unfamiliar, and Cucumber Quest.
In my free time I mainly watch horror movies, game playthroughs from GameGrumps, listen to DnD podcasts, or eat way too many chocolates/desserts.

I'm mostly active on Instagram or Twitter (@starsinmycoffee)

I am an illustrator and designer from England. I studied Illustration across the pond at Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida, and now I'm back in the UK working as a freelance illustrator and Etsy seller. I specialise in pattern design and cute illustrations, and sell greeting cards in my Etsy shop AbbiLauraDesigns!

I post my work regularly on my instagram @artofabbilaura, so that's the best place to go if you want a better picture of what I do!

Jenn St-Onge (aka “Princess Jem”, she/her) is a tatted Canadian cat mommy/comic artist. She loves coffee, Bioshock, and anything spooky; she is definitely not several cats stacked in a trench coat (probably)

My name is Apollo and I’m a British/Russian high school student and illustrator living in the UK. This year, I'm applying to study Animation at uni, so we'll see how that goes.
In my spare time I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons and listening to podcasts, both of which are my biggest inspirations. I love having a story behind my work, so drawing things from my D&D campaigns is very rewarding for me.

As someone who wants to go into animation, I enjoy drawing my characters in exaggerated poses or with a wide variety of face expressions - currently, my favourite subject matter is goblins, because their faces are so expressive and fun to play around with. I also love character design, and making characters who are very distinct from one another is always a fun challenge.

I'm most active on my instagram, where I post daily, so check it out if you want to see more of my work (@apollinares).

Jiji studied illustration at the Academy of Art in foggy San Francisco and graduated with a BFA. She currently resides in her sunny hometown of Las Vegas. Her body of work features an arsenal of chic sassy characters, fantasy/macabre themes, and above all a sense of body positivity. Jiji’s roots began in the worlds of Japanese graphic novels, but they have since expanded to adapt the tastes of art nouveau, minimalism, and the power of negative space and what it can lend itself to. She is inspired by modern day artists like Babs Tarr, Audrey Kawasaki, and Lois van Baarle and classic masters such as Alphonse Mucha and Romain de Tirtoff.

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