CO+K Office Makeover with Zazzle

We've been busy giving the CO+K office a makeover this month with the help of Zazzle, who let us design our own custom fabric and sent some office supplies for us to get creative with. Learn how-to sew a handy sewing machine cover, customise an animal ear phone case, reupholster some shabby office chairs, turn a whiteboard into a calendar and sew an embroidery hoop sewing kit.

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Animal Ear Sewing Machine Cover

Keep your sewing machine dust free while looking as cute as could be with cat ears and pockets for all of your tools, patterns and supplies.

We used our custom scissor print fabric to make ours which gave it the perfect crafty look for our sewing table.

Animal Ear Phone Case

Team up with your favourite artist to create a custom phone case and make it even cuter with a pair of animal ears!

We teamed up with the amazing Mab Graves to create this gorgeous custom Zazzle case featuring Crafterella and we couldn't think of a more purrfect way to customise it than with a pair of bejewelled cat ears.

CO+K Print Office Chairs

Give your shabby office seats a branded makeover with some custom fabric from Zazzle.

Note of warning: the original fabric was not fireproof, so we had to treat it to make it safe for upholstery use.

Whiteboard Calendar

Whether you're trying to learn a new language, craft more or eat better, it's super easy to keep on top of your goals and make them stick with a 30 day habit calendar.

We created ours on a custom Crafterella whiteboard from Zazzle because what could be more motivating than a Crafty Superhero to cheer you on?!

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Kit

If you're tired of losing your sewing supplies while working on a project, this nifty little embroidery hoop sewing kit will keep all your tools in one place.

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