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We've got a gorgeous handbag from I <3 Mac N Cheese up for grabs in the Christmas Issue of Snippets. To win, all you have to do is empty out you bag, take a photo and tell us what you carry around with you.

Check it out now!

You can now search through projects - search box on the top-right of all the project pages. More search coming soon!
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Here's a great blog for making unique furniture, easily and to your own taste.

Ikea Haker, alters and combines existing furniture packs to make alternative designs. It's kind of like playing furniture Lego.

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The Christmas Issue of Snippets includes an interview with knitting superstar Debbie Stoller, a competition to win an I <3 Mac N Cheese handbag, an interview with the Soho Dolls, a Christmas Gift Guide, Christmas Beauty Tips, a guide to throwing a wine tasting part, a Merry Christmas America! competition, a how-to for giving yourself a rose head hairstyle and a lot, lot more...

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Cut Out + Keep Update: Favorites added! Adding a project to your favorites help you keep track of all the projects you like best, while giving it’s creator a nice little pat on the back.

To add a project to your favorites, click the + Add to Favorites button on the project’s page. It will then appear on your favorites page with all the other projects your other favorite projects and you will appear on that project’s page as one of the people who love the project. 

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This Tertris Quilt is totally retro chic. Check it out on Rabbit Style News.

I wonder what other games would look good in quilt form?!

Jon on So Good Blog posted this video and I just had to share it with you guys.

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Here's another great knitting pattern to keep you cosy this winter.

The Palindrome Scarf looks so soft and it's completely reversible.

Here's a delicious treat to wake up to on winter's morning.

Aryn has posted a recipe for Apple Oatmeal Pancakes on her blog Orange Juicy and they look delicious.

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Anna has posted photos of her Mother-in-law's massive knitting stash on Mochi Mochi Land and she must have thousands and thousands of balls. I wonder what you could knit with that much wool?!

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