Lindsay from Lacquered Lawyer teaches us how to recreate Miley Cyrus' dope camo nail manicure and then gives her a music maniac makeover.

Miley definitely pushes the boundaries with her wardrobe choices - definitely not mainstream, and a little (or a lot) more skin than most would deem appropriate. But her style is certainly all her own, and I give her credit for not caring what anyone thinks.

Classic Look

When looking through pictures of Miley's nails, I noticed most of the time her nails are either solid red, black, or white. While striking, that wouldn't make for a very exciting tutorial. I stumbled on this camo nail design, which I thought matched Miley's kind of rough, take no sh*t attitude. The design is fairly easy to re-create since camo patterns leave a lot of room for error and don't need to be perfect.


For Miley's mani makeover, I decided to add a bit more flare. She is so extreme with her outfits, why not her nails too? I kept the color scheme black and white (two of her constant nail colors), but I went for an edgier look with studs, spikes, pearls, and some stamping.

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