Our Sidekicks are getting creative with packing tape & mailing labels from TapeSwell in today's Craft Test and crafting a flower pot, card holder, bows, an organizer and framed magnets.

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Recycled Flower Pot by Cheryl

I really liked that it peeled off easily when I wanted to fix it. It is really easy to work with and didn't get my scissors all sticky!

Card Holder by Rosa

I really liked the designs and the clear designed tape the most:)

Polk A Dot Bows by Jessica

I really enjoyed making the bows. :) My daughter has now confiscated some of them. LOL The tape was so pretty! I actually have another project I am going to work on with the rest of the tape. :)

DIY Cereal Box Organizer by Jessica

The Doily labels were a bit tricky to work with. They are very sticky and strong once applied! Other than that, it was great using them. :)

Mini Gallery Frame Magnets by Cat

I've been wanted my own gallery wall for ages, so decided to get creative with these pretty Mailing Labels from TapeSwell and create a miniature gallery for my fridge. I love the design of them!

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