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Adriana (Vargas) Blake is a Venezuelan who has lived in the US and Canada since 1996. She's enjoyed drawing from an early age and decided to attend animation school from 2002-2005. She's worked on various animation and comic projects, including PBS' "Arthur", Cartoon Network's "Johnny Test", and Action Lab Comics' "Princeless."

She currently lives near Toronto, Canada with her husband, daughter and two birds.

Nathalie recreates the nature inspired rustic styke of a Mori girl's room.

I chose a mori girl theme. Mori (forest) girl is a Japanese street fashion style, looking sort of like a forest fairy. To me, it evokes a feeling of warmth and cosiness, and the happiness you feel when surrounded by nature.

5671 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250, United States • Visit Website »

Learn how-to make geometric string art and a "stained glass" rose window with United Art and Education in Indianapolis.

Outfit Details

  • Top - Old Navy
  • Jeans - Nordstrom
  • Shoes - American Eagle Outfitters
  • Bag - Forever 21
  • Lips - Ulta

DIY 3 Day Curls

Recreate the look with Megan's 3 Day Curls tutorial:

Check out 3 Day Curls on Cut Out + Keep

Bristol, United Kingdom •

Bake a Somerset Cider And Apple Cake with Emma in Bristol, England.

We're experimenting with Beckett's Gin for today's Cocktail Hour and mixing up an apricot martini, frangipane flip and some gin & tonic sandwich biscuits.

Come behind the scenes at As The Bunny Hops and see Amy's craft closet in North Carolina.

In the rest of my house I like to pretend that I'm an adult. My craft closet is the one place where that doesn't apply. It's full of toys and color and all of my favorite things. It's completely impossible for me to walk in without finding something that will make me smile.

Melissa from Specs And The City recreates the vintage style of Betty Draper from Mad Men.

Betty Draper is by far the most feminine icon of a glamorous bygone era. She is complicated and constantly questioning the outdated ideals on which she was raised. She goes through such a journey of good and bad and everything in between, yet her sense of style NEVER has an off day. You've got to appreciate the effort in a world where sweatpants and slippers in public simply weren't an option. Here I've gathered all the essential tools to twirl in her perfect shoes. Full skirts, pearls, martinis, and apple pie make for my favorite version of Betty's style: the 1950's lonesome housewife. SO glamorous and tragic...the most beautiful contrasts.

Learn how-to knit a right twist with Violette and then use the stitch to make her gorgeous scarf pattern.

Shop 1/45 Gerler Rd, Hendra QLD 4011, Australia • Visit Website »

Cook some Dandy Man corn & zucchini fritters and savoury waffles with Dandelion & Driftwood in Hendra, Australia.

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