Miss Vicky Viola recreates the country style of singer Dolly Parton.

Anyone who tells you that they don't like Dolly Parton is a liar. It's not humanly possible. That amazing barbie look, those catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics, her sharp wit and fast humour - there's nothing not to love. Everyone has had at least one Dolly moment in their life - wether it was trying to get motivated for that crappy 9 To 5 job or pouring your heart out and seeking solace by howling out the lyrics to Jolene on the karaoke machine, Dolly was there for you and she helped you get through it. She's all about truth and honesty and rocking killer outfits and not giving a crap about what anyone else thinks about your look. That's why she is one of my favourite ladies and my choice for this DIY the look. Cowgirl outfit? Yes please! Rhinestones? Always! Big hair? Let's get the BIGGEST! But, with all things Dolly, you gotta remember where your heart is. Be truthful to yourself and look fabulous in the process. You are a queen - don't change for anyone! xox

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