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Guitar Makeover. An easy way to make your guitar the one everyone wants to play!
After hours of fruitless searching for a tutorial on how to make my guitar "fancy" I decided to just give it go. If you are worried that doing this might make your guitar sound funny, you need not, my guitar actually sounded BETTER after I did this :)

Posted by shelly a. from Phoenix, Arizona, United States • Published See shelly a.'s 2 projects »
  • Step 1

    I don't have any pictures of the actual process of making the guitar, and I am not so dandy on photoshop so this will be a pretty much photoless project. I hope my descriptions make it clear enough that you are still able to do it :)

  • Step 2

    First you will need to prep the guitar by removing the strap (if you have one), all of the strings, and sanding the entire thing down. Once you are done sanding you will need to wipe all of the dust off of the guitar, this is where the paper towels come in. Take a dry paper towel and use it just like you would a duster. Then you will need to use painter's tape to cover the hole, the pick guard, and the neck. Once this step is complete you may move onto step number two...

  • Step 3

    Yay, you have arrived at step two! Anywhooser lets get on with it!

    Now you are going to make use of the paper you have selected (plus also the glue). You will need to cut the paper into a smaller pieces so that they do not wrinkle. Once you are done with that cover a part of the guitar the same size as your paper (that you should have cut down) in glue, then place the paper over the glue. Repeat over the whole topside of the guitar.

  • Step 4

    Congrats you have made it to three without the assistance of pictures!

    Once the paper on the topside is glued down cover the whole thing with Mod Podge to seal the paper and such. Now wait for the Mod Podge to dry. Now that you have finished with the topside you are ready to move onto the back and the sides, and lucky for you this will take forever!

  • Step 5

    Now that the whole guitar is covered and dry you (optionally) can spray it with polyurethane coating to make it nice and shiny :) And that is the end of my tutorial please vote!

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Shaw J.
Shaw J.
Hi, I have a business covering guitars with material and I've done the occasional decoupage too. I never cover the back and sides since these get the worst wear and tear, and buckles and belts etc catch the surface. The other tip is to use many surfaces of mod podge, sanding each in between, then at least 5 coats of lacquer, then let it rest for a full week, then buff the surface with a car buffer if you have one, or a lot of elbow grease.
shelly a.
shelly a. · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 2 projects
Thank you! Happy
sillybilly bella
sillybilly bella · 5 projects
cool dude
shelly a.
shelly a. · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 2 projects
Thank you! On the bottom? Yes, definitely! On the top... No, lol. Have fun!
Natalie C.
Natalie C. · Singapore, SG · 5 projects
This is really cool, do you think it'll work on a skateboard too?
shelly a.
shelly a. · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 2 projects
To "KMOM14" thanks bunches! To "Janessa" I lurve your name Happy Anyway, onto answering your Q's. No the seams will not be visual apparent as long as you pay attention to the pattern of your paper and match it up just as you would if you were sewing, let's say, stripes? You will be able to feel the seams if you do not add enough Mod Podge. I think I may have used an entire regular sized bottle on this project Happy The only down fall to this whole project is if you are rough on your guitar (like me) the paper will start to lift were your guitar is most often banged about. But I did a friend's Guitar and he treats his fairly good and that has not happened to him Happy

Thanks to you both for commenting Happy
KMOM14 · Fort Wayne, Indiana, US · 378 projects
Looks great!
Janessa · 1 project
Thanks for sharing this! The instructions are clear enough but I'm too chicken to do anything to my guitar. At the moment.
Anyway I got a question, if you cut the paper up into smaller piecfes to fit, are the seams obvious? Will you feel it if you run your hand over the body?

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