Recreate the look of Valkyrie from Thor for #DIYTheLook with Anjeanette Artist.

I love a redemption arc, and a strong warrior woman- Valkyrie is both- a badass hero on a mission! The character is amazing in Thor: Ragnarok, and dazzles as the warrior Queen of New Asgard in Endgame. Renowned for her prowess in battle, Brunnhilde or Valkyrie carries the enchanted sword Dragonfang in a sheath on her breastplate armor beside a royal blue cloak. Her smoky eyes, bubble style mohawk, and white face paint (or homemade eyeliner, perhaps in pearl?) complete the cation package! Here are 12 projects to get the look inspired by actor Tessa Thompson. I suggest starting with the brewing of the Mead so it's ready when your creating and work up a craft warrior sweat! Skol!

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