Lumiere fabric paint from Jacquard

Our sidekicks are trying out Lumiere Fabric Paint from Jacquard in this week's Craft Test and have created a huge range of projects for you try at home. To win some paint to try yourself, just click below.

Sassy Cowgirl Boot Refashion by Kristi

I really loved the fabric paints, they were so easy to work with and the colors came out so vibrant and pretty! Plus, they went on smooth, dried beautifully and have held up really well so far. I was able to mix my own colors easily, layer the paint for more or less opacity and use a variety of techniques with ease! I would definitely recommend these fabric paints over any others I've tried!

Honeycomb Planter by Maya

I really loved working with the paints. They were beautiful, vibrant and a total dream to work with. I could see anyone being able to work with them from the incredibly experienced to the total beginner.

Little Mermaid Onesies by Anna

i like how the paint is thin and rolls on easy, dries quickly and has a soft feeling when it dries

Donut Bag by Katie

Personally, I thought this paint lived up to its description. The colors I picked were highly pigmented, the coverage of the paint was ''heavy'' (not thin) and the paint itself brushed on smoothly. Unlike certain paints, I thought that the Lumiere by Jacqaurd work great with fabric and dried with some flexibility. I also thought that the pearlescent worked great with the metallic paint and that they mixed / dried well together.

Nightlight by Lee Rose

This paint has an incredibly luxurious feel to it, from its smooth application to the incredibly beautiful better-than-shimmer finish. It feels just right on every medium I tried it on, acting thin on feathers to keep the lightness, to thick on clay to feel like enamel, to smooth on acetate!

Circus Tent Washing Basket Stool

I loved the sparkle of the silver and purple paint which was the perfect inspiration for a circus inspired washing basket.

Painted Canvases by Peg

Lumiere Paint by Jacquard is the only paint you'll need for all of your projects. From canvas to shirts and anywhere in between you'll love using this paint. The rich colors and choice of formulas in metallic and pearlescent will add a great touch to any project. This paint will take your designs to the next level!

Constellation Cushion by Tami

I really liked the Jacquard Metallic Paint sample that I got, it was really easy to work with and the metallic effect is very nice! I've only used it on fabric so far but I'm really looking forward to trying it out on wood. I would definitely buy this in several colors!

One Of A Kind Clutch by Gabby

I liked that they are easy to work with and that all of the colors are shiny and beautiful. I can also tell they are high quality will last for a very long time.

Painted Modular Leather Basket by Jennifer

The paint was a delight to use. It really added the much needed color to my project.

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