Outfit Details

  • Cardigan - forever 21
  • Shirt - forever 21
  • Skirt - kohls
  • Shoes - DIY (see below)

DIY Rainbow Sneakers

Recreate the look with Lena's Rainbow Sneakers tutorial:

Check out Diy Rainbow Sneakers on Cut Out + Keep

How would you describe your style?

Classic with feminine and bohemian touches.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

A classic red dress from Madewell.

Who are your style icons?

Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift, countless fashion bloggers.

Do you have any favourite designers?

I am more of a bargain shopper, but I love anything by Michael Kors.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes?

Madewell, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters.

Do you make or customise your outfits?

I make a lot of accessories but haven't a gotten into sewing own garments... Yet!

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?

Always remix. Don't get stuck in the pattern of wearing the same outfit, come up with new combinations to keep the clothes you have exciting! You'll be much less likely to feel the need to go out shopping!

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

Selective Potential, Unfancy, Delightfully Tacky

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