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301 W. Holly, Bellingham, WA 98225 • Visit Website »

Join Amy at the Super Saturday for #CraftyInTheCity and learn how-to make coconut lip balm with Karly & Calie at Otion: The Soap Bar in Bellingham, Washington.

Maggs recreates a casual steampunk look for today's #DIYTheLook.

I went for a casual steampunk look, i chose 2 different shirt projects, one from scratch and one adapted to go with the stripy trousers, and for more formal occasions the stunning dress. The hairdo you could wear everyday or with the dress, it's simple and classy.

Learn how-to create backgrounds using a focal point with Peg from from Peg's Crafting Corner and use the technique to make a Halloween card.

Our Sidekicks are baking treats with gourmet marshmallows from Mello Mallo in today's #CraftTest and you can win some to try for yourself. Learn how-to bake a chai tea mousse cake, raspberry macaroons, chocolate & marshmallow cookies and marshmallow truffles!

Raumerstraße 17a, 10437 Berlin, Germany • Visit Website »

Mix a Cosmopolitan and Gin Basil Smash cocktail with X-Bar in Berlin, Germany.

Bodelva, Cornwall PL24 2SG • Visit Website »

We took an inspiring nature filled trip around the Eden Project in Cornwall last month. After discovering plants, flowers and creatures from around the world, we got crafty and made a lightbulb terrarium inspired by our trip, so we could take a little piece of Eden home with us.


Address: Bodelva, Cornwall PL24 2SG
Phone: 01726 811911
Website: https://www.edenproject.com

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Handmade Lampshades

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We chat to Natalia Price-Cabrera, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make a flaming juno lampshade.

Hello. My name is Natalia Price-Cabrera and I am the founder of Mols & Tati-Lois, purveyor of hand-tailored lampshades and upstyled furniture (www.molsandtatilois.com). I have always been a 'maker' since an early age and studied Textiles & Fashion, followed by History of Art at university before pursuing a career in illustrated book publishing for going on 20 years now. Three years ago I discovered traditional lampshade making and have been hooked ever since. I create bold, contemporary soft-sided lampshades using a combination of vintage and modern fabrics, to create truly unique lighting statements for the home. All my lampshades are made using traditional techniques. 'Handmade Lampshades' is my second book. I am also author and curator of the hugely successful 'The Wallpaper Colouring Book', published by Octopus.
Mexico City, Mexico •

Cook some Mexican molletes for breakfast with Gaby in Mexico City.

Cat from The Rustic Willow recreates the stylish home of Lauren Conrad for #DIYTheRoom

Lauren Conrad exudes feminism, so when I was designing her living room, I knew that I wanted to incorporate that. I wanted it to be light, bright and airy with a lot of white and a lot of floral accents. I think all of the projects I rounded up fit that description, and would all complement each other together perfectly in her living room!

My name's Taryn (commonly known as 'taryndraws'), I'm a self taught artist from Colorado. I'm currently working as a freelance illustrator.
When I’m not drawing, I like to read, play video games, watch movies, and obsess over my fandoms.


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