Mello Mallo

Our Sidekicks are baking treats with gourmet marshmallows from Mello Mallo in today's #CraftTest and you can win some to try for yourself. Learn how-to bake a chai tea mousse cake, raspberry macaroons, chocolate & marshmallow cookies and marshmallow truffles!

No Bake Chai Tea Mello Mallo Mousse Cake by Tan

The handcrafted marshmallows are flavoured perfectly and were a pleasure to work with. I would definitely be trying out the other favours to make similar desserts but with different biscuits and additions to suit each one.

Raspberry Marshmallow Macaroons by Cat

Inspired by the delicious fruity taste of the raspberry & white chocolate marshmallows from Mello Mallo, I served mine on a macaroon base with fresh raspberries and creme patisserie.

Chocolate And Marshmallow Cookies by Maro

The cookies were a huge hit in my family everyone loved them! The Mello Mallo marshmallows brought me memories from the past when the real taste really mattered! They were soft and so tasty they put some famous ones to shame!

Marshmallow Truffle by Reka

These marshmallows are very tasty so much raspberry flavour!

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