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I'm an Indonesian born visual artist and self taught doll maker. My work is inspired mostly by my childhood memories, fairy tales, and dreams. I have been a lot of things before I came to where I am today. A graphic designer, a teacher, a baker and an illustrator. Nowadays, I'm happy to say that I'm a full time artist and mother.

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The best things about living in Indianapolis are the public art, the cost of living, and the pedestrian focus. There are lots of museums, bike shares, and now there's even an electric car share. I've also been told that it's a great place for kids and dogs.

Outfit Details

  • Green High-Rise Charlie Trousers - Anthropologie
  • Red Polka Dot Shirt - H&M
  • Leather Strap Clogs - Bamboo brand from Kohls
  • Yellow Purse - Thrift store
  • Red Polka Dot Headband - DIY (see below)

Amy from HomeyOhMy.com has great fashion sense!

Check out Easy To Sew Reversible Headband on Cut Out + Keep

This week we're getting creative with a gorgeous bouquet from Blossoming Gifts for Craft Test, making an etched button vase and giving you the chance to win one for yourself. Simply click below to enter and CO+K readers can get 20% off all flower bouquets (only) on BlossomingGifts.com with the code CUTOUT20.

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Knit some Tattoo You! Mittens and Kinetic Cowl with Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, Minnesota.

We're experimenting with Anno Gin from Kent in today's Cocktail Hour and mixing up a Monkey Gland, Sherbet Flip and a Lemon Gin Bundt Cake.

Come behind the scenes at Crea Bea Cards and see Evita's inspiring work space in Holland.

I like the overall look & feel of this room. Besides one closet, we don't have tall furniture here which makes it very spacious.

Markee recreates the vintage pin-up style of Bettie Paige.

Bettie is a fashion inspiration for many people, especially in the Rockabilly, Retro, Goth and Vintage scene. She had a carefree attitude about herself, and embraced her curves; she made the female form something to be celebrated. She also made a lot of her own bathing suits and lingerie. This inspired a whole legion of crafty people to make clothes that fit them, instead of trying to follow what the trends told them. I've always loved Bettie because she wasn't afraid to be a bit different and stand out, she didn't feel the need to follow popular culture, instead she made her own.

Learn how-to make a magic loop with Tanya from Little Things Blogged and then use the technique to make crochet newborn slippers.

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Mix up The Fredericks coffee with Once Over Coffee Bar in Austin, Texas.

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