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Mix up The Fredericks coffee with Once Over Coffee Bar in Austin, Texas.

How did you get started?

My husband Rob and I opened a coffee shop in Asheville, NC, in 2004 with no coffee experience at all. We had worked in bars though, so we made it like a bar. Then we got REALLY into coffee. We sold that shop in 2007 to move back to Austin to open Once Over Coffee Bar, which opened in 2009. Since then we have also started a coffee roasting company called Wild Gift Coffee.

Where are you located?

2009 S. 1st Street, in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood in south Austin

What are your specialities?

Traditional espresso drinks, like cappuccinos and espressos. We are also very proud of our iced coffee, which I've spent over 10 years perfecting.

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

Espresso or iced coffee. We use an espresso blend from our roasting company called Rude Boy. It's sweet, with notes of chocolate, and has a huge body. Our iced coffee is a special blend we cold brew for a smooth and delicious drink. I also really enjoy our rotating french pressed daily coffees as well. My current favorite is the El Diviso from Colombia. A cappuccino with our pumpkin bread also a personal favorite.

What's on the stereo?

Oh, it's all over the place. The shop is named after the song Once Over Twice by the band X. So there's a lot of X on the stereo. We let the baristas play want they want from our selection of music, so you might hear Billie Holiday, The Clash, or several local artists we like to play. We have a lot of musicians coming in, we like to keep the music interesting.

Where else should we visit in your area?

There are so many great restaurants in our neighborhood! For Thai, go to Thai Fresh or Sway. For Mexican, go to El Chili or Polvo's. For French, go to Lenior. For vegetarian, go to Bouldin Creek Cafe. There's a great record store a block away, End of an Ear. And a great vintage store for men, New Brohemia. Flashback is another great vintage store nearby too.

Do you host any special events?

We've been known to host some events in the past, but at this point, they are more "one off" events. We are hosting Austin's monthly Thursday Night Throwdown May 28th. It will be a benefit for Girls Rock Austin, an organization I've recently started helping out with. Someone got married at Once Over before - that was special! We have a great back deck over looking Bouldin Creek that people use for a meeting spot at times.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

We are really, really into coffee and we have great baristas.

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