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Amy from Craft Chi has posted a great tutorial for making a Rope Rug.

It looks pretty simple and the end result is stunning!

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As it's October, pumpkins are all around. Extreme Pumpkins is a website that showcases the best, the weirdest and the scariest in carved pumpkins, tips on carving and recipes for using up the remains.

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Kendra has posted this fabulous Crochet Clock on her site Knit Go Home.

She's even stitched on cute buttons to mark out the hours. I'm left thinking, what can't you crochet?

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Here's a great tutorial for making a 12-sided calendar. Follow the instructions and select your desired language, download and print out the template and then follow the origami instructions to put the calendar together.

This would make a great desk toy!

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Save Knitting is an awesome website that teaches knitting techniques and stitches. The members of the site can improve it by editing it and adding their own information.

I particularly like the section that teaches stitching through animations.

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It's official, everyone can now post their own step-by-step projects on Cut Out + Keep!

To add a tutorial / how-to now, make sure you're signed in and click on the 'projects' button on the user-bar, click create a new project, add it's title and then you can get started.

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It's coming up to the time of year where it's too cold to not wear gloves.

So, if you're a fast knitter, this pattern for Greenaway Fingerless Gloves from The Purl Bee may just be what your hands are begging for!

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Don't settle for flat cookies this Halloween, make them stand up with these awesome 3D Cookie Cutters.

Cool spooky stuff!

Candace has posted a great tutorial on Craft Daisies for turning an old coffee canister in to a pumpkin.

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We're running a Costume Competition over in the Halloween Special of Snippets. Simply post a photo of your Halloween costume, from this or a previous year, for your chance of winning a membership with the Suicide Girls.

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