Snippets Issue 9 : The Christmas Issue

Gift Guide

The Snippets wishlist of great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

Gift Guide

By Snippets

christmas gift guide

1. A box of goodies from The Sampler.

2. Charm Necklace from Pink Ribbon Boutique.

3. All The Nice Girls Charm Bracelet from Stella My Star.

4. The Son Of Stitch N Bitch by Debbie Stoller.

5. Shark Attack Tee from Hey, Dooney!.

6. Flower Photo Cuff from Smoy PhotoCuffs.

7. Mighty Mini Pouches from Moonbeam Boutique.

8. Charm & Jewellery from The Coma Girl.

IndiePublic's pick for buying handmade Christmas gifts.

Aussie Patches

handmade christmas gifts

"My store is the perfect place to shop as it offers a wide variety of goods for all types of interests and budgets. No longer is art available just for walls you can find anything from badges to magnets, even mirrors!"

Figurative Paper

handmade christmas gifts

"I have a unique shop with one of a kind, seasonal items."

Flanders Field

handmade christmas gifts

"My shop is the perfect place for holiday shopping because everyone can use more beauty in their lives! I offer vibrant nature prints in a wide variety of sizes and colors."

Hadley Hutton

handmade christmas gifts

"My shop would be perfect for the holidays because I offer unique and original gifts with a variety of price points for everyone."

Stone Soup Jewelry

handmade christmas gifts

"My shop is perfect for unique, handcrafted jewelry in simple, classic designs that appeal to people with a wide variety of tastes and styles. And I'm offering surprise holiday gifts with each purchase!"

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For more gift ideas, make sure to check out the other artist pages on Indie Public.

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