Snippets Issue 9 : The Christmas Issue

I Heart Mac N Cheese

Win a wonderful new handbag by I <3 Mac N Cheese by showing us what you're going to put in it.

I Heart Mac N Cheese

By Snippets

It's always great to start off a new year with a brand new bag and we've got a gorgeous one from I

How to enter:

what's in your bag?

Congratulations to our winner: Morbidly Cute.

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Is it too late?
I have a bag that I carry around. Its like my man purse. Its a military Red Cross Medic Bag.
I wanna win it for my girlfriend.

My ipod
a notebook and pen
Burt's Bees Carrot Body Lotion
Mini First-aid kit
Emergency Money (a $10 bill, $1 bills (x9), 89 cents)
Burt's Bees Hand salve and lip balm
Maps of places I've been (Boston, Wrentham Village Outlets, etc.)
Amoxycillin (I have an ear infection)
Pens, pencils, and 2 markers
My knitting
and a shock blue bandana
Is it too late?
I have a bag that I carry around. Its like my man purse. Its a military Red Cross Medic Bag.
I wanna win it for my girlfriend.

My ipod
a notebook and pen
Burt's Bees Carrot Body Lotion
Mini First-aid kit
Emergency Money (a $10 bill, $1 bills (x9), 89 cents)
Burt's Bees Hand salve and lip balm
Maps of places I've been (Boston, Wrentham Village Outlets, etc.)
Amoxycillin (I have an ear infection)
Pens, pencils, and 2 markers
My knitting
and a shock blue bandana
1 dollar
2 quarters
3 pennies (I'm poor lol)
cell phone
school planner
little notebook for gossip (journalism)
2 lip glosses
cuticle pusher backer (thats what I call it anyways)
nail clippers
nail file
reusable bag for the grocery store
2 pens
1 pencil
prescription drugs in one of those old lady pill cases lol
2 acorn nuts (just for kicks I guess)
1 silver necklace with a purple gem(very cute)
1 picture of my cat and another of a Chinese Crested Hairless I secretly adore..
wallet which I didn't even know was there
lotion for my new tattoo
an old math assignment....
3 1/2 starburst candy wrappers and half a chocolate candy bar
a miniature first aid kit because i always poke myself with needles
and an old email on a piece of scratch paper
Things that make you go "Hmmmmm": My post has someone else's pic on it. Anyone know why?
Well, this is a modest collection from a smaller purse. I usually have a book or two in here as well as my planner slash journal to keep all my dates and ideas in.

In my purse today is...
01. my sunglasses
02. law enforcement grade mace which I'm not supposed to
03. my spanish flashcards. I have tons more but thats my
current set.
04. my wallet. Its pink and white and I love it!
05. A little knitting project to play with while I wait.
06. my ipod
07. my keys
08. my phone
09. an umbrella
10. a lock for my gym locker. Should be in my gym bag, but
oh well.
11. badger balm for my severely dried out hands =(
12. some chai flavored lip balm. It took a while to get used
to the flavor, but now I love it.
13. my catch all baggie with tampons, emergen-c, allergy
pills, a band-aid, a comb, and other items that I can
wow my friends with when we're in a bind.

That's it.
11 pennies
3 dimes
1 quarter
Concise Guide to Writing (text book)
Brief Penguin hand book (text book)
a totoro pouch with knitting paraphernalia
a short grocery list
a note about a website
a notebook for recording what I eat daily (which I don't use)
2 dr pepper caps with codes
2 things of Breath Savers
eclipse tin with yarn needles
Spree tin with MORE knitting paraphernalia
Camera which was in its pink cozy
Berts Bees chapstick
1 ball blue knit picks telemark
1 ball white knit picks telemark
1 wrapper from knit picks telemark
Eunny Jang's endpaper mitts patter
assignment for my english class
wendy's receipt
2 target receipts
Jim's phone number (in my hand writing, but I have no idea who Jim is.)
1 safety pin
Target reusable shopping bag (the red rectangle)
cell phone charge
1 box press on nails
2 pairs scissors
car keys
The following DS games:
-Super Mario DS
-Legend of Zelda
-Drawn to Life
-Chibi Robo Park Patrol
-Harvest Moon
-Pokemon Diamond (is in the Drawn To Life case as well)
Pink Nintendo DS in super cute totoro case made for me by a swap partner on Craftster
plastic pouch with size 2 and 3 6 in. dpns
1 tiny spool of light blue thread

Yeah, my bag is massive.
Also, I'm missing my wallet.... hopefully it didn't get stolen, as it has over $100 in there.... :/
I'm getting back and neck pain just looking at all the crap laid out on the floor! Do I really carry all this around??
OK, here goes:

money order carbon & reciept (rent)
x-mas card from my landlord
several paystubs
Quizno's kid meal prize ("Cartooner Kit")
(purple) notebook with my pattern for lighthouse dishcloth
mechanical pencil (#1)
knitted wrap instruction sheet
(blue) composition notebook
license plate renewal notice
pen (#1)
3 more knitting/crochet instruction sheets (fell out of notebook)
pad of graph paper
yarn store notes (hours, locations, etc)
1 button
pen (#2)
gas gift card
calendar card from bank
"eating for two" pamphlet from march of dimes (yes, i'm pregnant)
pony tie for daughter's hair
pens (#'s 3, 4 & 5)
small green colored pencil
"Happy Shamrock Day" pin (when the hell did that get in there?!)
mechanical pencil (#2)
Disney Princess "Spin Drops" candy (my daughter's)
keys to storage shed
tracfone 2008 calendar (coupons in it!)
2 (empty) Arch Cards
small bottle of Tums
liprageous watermelon lipbalm
Bert's Bees lip shimmer (shade: champagne)
1 full & 3 partial pocket packs of tissue (it *is* cold season!)
quart size zip bag with a dishcloth-in-progress (yarn & needles)
empty michaels (craft store) bag
pad of sticky notes from TNT Fireworks (just for joining the fan club! woohoo!)
empty keyring
in-progress knit square for patchwork blanket (complete with needles)
fun size pack of M&Ms (plain)
part of a children's multi-symptom cold medicine (brought along to make sure i got the same stuff)
(green) notebook with knitting notes, handwritten patterns, etc.
printed-out list of different stitch patterns (2 pages)
mechanical pencil (#3)
clipboard with several different knitting-related pages
5 other reciepts
clear vinyl bag holding: band-aids, prilosec, listerine spray, q-tips, hand mirror, triple antibiotic ointment, quench gum, rolaids softchews
knitted, felted wallet/coin-purse (with assortment of cards, more! reciepts, small amount of cash, but oddly- no change)
and finally- a make-up case with not make-up in it but knitting goodies: measuring tape, spare pen, tic-tac case filled with tiny safety pins (emergency stitch markers!), bits of trimmed yarn, itty-bitty scissors, folding scissors, row counter, stitch holders (2), point protectors (4), yarn needle threader, 2 types of cable needles, 2 medium safety pins, 3 yarn needles

There's usually also a diaper or two & a bag of wipes (for my 2yo) and my cell phone (charging right now).

Top it all off with the fact it's not even really a purse but a very cute diaper bag!!!

Anyone looking over my list *must* be thinking: "MOMMY-NERD!!!"
whys my picture on every comment?
Some of the things in my purse I had been missing for a few months.. Just found them. Happy

8 Pens and Pencils
Sparkly Purple CreditCard/GiftCard Holder.
Piece of paper that says "Rainbow Chronic!"
Paper with Address on it.
JoAnn Fabrics Coupon Mailing
JoAnn Fabrics Reciept (26 dollars)
2 Japanese Hair Clips
"Promise Me" Aeropostal Purfume
Heart Shaped Orange Bracelet
Wallet with Rainbow Peace Sign!!!
My Biology Homework. Happy
Pass out of class for dentist appoitment.
Cardboard that says "Thanks for the Trade!"
2+ Bus Transfers.
Abe Lincoln Cracker Jack "prize"
Purple Tulle in a Bow!
Pink Skull Candy Headphones
iPod Touch
ONE (haha) Red and Navy Glove.
LifeSavers wrapper.
Pink Hello Kitty Wallet.
Prize from Cracker Jacks bag. Happy
Four promotional flyers from Caribou.
Femme Pad!
Live Lux Shimmer Lotion
La Source Lotion
Propel Drink Mix
Rainbow Pin! Gay Pride!
ScanTron sheet from Biology Test
Capri Sun On the Go Fruit Punch Drink Mix.

I have a full-on, Fake croc, fiver down the market bag. After careful consideration, I decided NOT to include my college stuff because you'd just stop reading or fall asleep halfway through.
Take a deep breath, here goes:
A tatty houndstooth clutch
Two pink notebooks that I rescued from work. (you know those free gifts on magazines? if the shop doesn't sell the mags, they get thrown away! I know!)
Battered make up bag, yet the make up is not in there, its in the bottom of my main bag
10 assorted receipts
A hugeass Hairbrush
4711 body spray
Compacts mirror that lights up, got it free with some cigerettes in Spain
A Stubbi because I'm classy
Waterproof Mascara
4GB USB stick, very handy
Pirate notebook
Pink glittery lipgloss
A tube of purple glitter
Medicated powder compact
Broken ring
Bits of plastic wrapper
Nearly empty pack of Superkings Black
Lighter (surprisingly)
Two Eyebrow pencils - dunno
Two makeup pencil sharpeners, one big one small
Liquid eyeliner
Black pen
Blue pen
Red pen
2B pencil - nice 'n' soft
Pink blush/powder brush
Black pencil eyeliner
A bent safety pin
Gold eyeshadow
Black eyeshadow paste stuff (its cool)
Tartan hairclip
Boots giftcard
Purple plastic heart ring
Shakeaway loyalty card
Provisional driving license
Silica gel - I don't know
Q World (snooker and Pool club) membership card
College ID
National Insurance card
Spearmint gum
Gym membership card, almost fossilised
Red lipstick
Mary Quant lipstick (err actually from the 60s)
Eyelash curlers
Nut and bolt, potententially lifesaving I'm sure
Kilt pin
Fortune cookie fortune
A playing card with my friends MSN addy written on it
Bank card
Usually camera,and phone
USB cable
A couple of pyramid studs
Thats it. I think. I hope.
I feel like I'm on the generation game!
This was fun! And I cleaned my purse too!

1 Wallet from Brighton
2 Giant hair clips
1 hair band
1 hair clip
1 set of keys
1 pen
1 bottle of Aveeno
7 lip products (Burts Bees, Blistex, Cargo, Stila, CO Bigalo, 2 Goldie)
1 Pack of Extra Polar Ice Gum
1 Razor Cell
1 Bluetooth headset
1 Nail file
1 oil blot sheet pack
1 package of mints
2 Halls Cough drops (honey flavor)
1 Burts Bees Cuticale Cream
Camera Case
1 Casio Elixim Camera (not Shown)
Contents of my mega cute purse. <3

* Travel size Lysol.
* Travel size bottle of Purell (the pink kind!)
* Fortune from a cookie that said "Always surround yourself with true friends" and then has my scribbling of "in bed".
* Raffle ticket from playing Bingo at two in the morning a few weeks ago (I know how to have fun!).
* Snowman earring. Most likely my sisters seeing as my ears are gauged and I can't wear earrings. The other snowman earring is apparently MIA.
* Super cute rainbow wallet. Elates me to the core. <3
* Jesse Lacey Gumby. My good luck charm. A gumby keychain I forcefully posed like Jesse Lacey. Happy
* Robot keychain. Makes me smile.
* Pink plastic hair barrette that looks like something your five year old would wear.
* Lip gloss.
* Chap stick.
* Black eyeliner.
* Black mascara.
* My favorite metallic sharpie. I never go anywhere without it. I use it to make lists on road trips, and to write my myspace url in random bathroom stalls. Or other peoples urls. xD
* A hair tie.
* Some change, no idea how much.
* And a handcuff necklace. (Super cute, the mini handcuffs are the clasp, har har).

Har har, and my phone is usually in there.. But I dropped it in the toilet yesterday and so ya.
OK so great way to get us to clean out the black hole. Whoa! I'm going for a record here. I had actually just cleaned out and changed purses for the first time in 6 months.
Please don't hate me because I have a gorgeous bad ass purse! Being a mom of 2 its hard to have anything that is remotely clean and not full of gum paper,cracker crumbs,sucker sticks and sippy cups with dried up juice in the bottom :0
Here comes the damage:
various coupons (Michel's of course is always with me)
nail file
Ms. Manicure mini purse size emery boards
gift cards from Christmas
gum(all natural)
fruit roll up
my hubby's inhaler(oops. hope he didn't need it this week on his trip)
mirror from Harrrods in England(I treasure this because it was the last trip my mother went on before she passed away 3 years ago)
movie tickets(Bee Movie)..lame I know; but it was for the kids
cell phone
my fav lip glosses MAC Chromeglass, Smashbox, and Burt's Bees Lip shimmer in Guava.
Last but not least
A Wooden Spoon. It is a bit nicked but not from what you may think(ladies get your head out of the gutter)I use it to tempt my 5 year old to behave. It is a great behavior modification tool! I luckily dont have to use it. If he knows it's there he snaps into good behavior!!!
That's it.....WHEW............
Nintendo DS
Wallet - cards, cash, photos, driving licence
MP3 player
Playing Cards
Bottle of water
driving test mock paper
glasses case
"feminine" products
a balloon...
house keys
many keyrings
subway coupons
bank statements
old train tickets
mobile phone
Nintendo DS Games
Gameboy colour games
pictures of boyfriend
old cinema tickets!

-x2 bottle caps(1 beer, 1 LandP)
-x2 PEZ
-money card
-drivind licence
-space man candy sticks
-x2 picks
-pen drive
camera (not in pic)
floppy disk for report
sunglasses (in winter =p)
mp3 player
lipsmacker lipgloss
house key
$20 bill
icebreakers sour
7 pennies
mp3 headphones
charm necklace
lintroller (used)
AS i don't have a picture, i'm just going to tell you. beware it's a very deep and old purse

1.)My make-up kit
2.)Homework.... from three years ago ( i knew i had it some where)
3.) Chapstick
5.) book light
6.) chocolate bar (mmm. Hershey's)
7.) My MP3 player (can't go anywhere without it)
8.) Small alerted note book that now serves as my address book. (its purple and sparkles)
9.) My pens that work
10.) My pens that dont work (why are those still in there....)
11.)My websites book (a little book i write down sites i like going to so i can check messages and blogs while away for a time and friends' or boyfriend's)
12.) My broken cell phone

I thank you guys for making me clena out my purse so i knew what was in it.

It always feels like I have the world in my purse
And I always seem to find things I've lost!

One pair of Skull Candy headphones <3
My reading glasses in their horrible blue case
Two pairs of sunglasses (I am indecisive)
Green Hello Kitty Wallet (which contains all my cards, a whole $5 and other randoms)
Two different sized Sharpie pens (The loves of my life!) For when I feel like randomly designing or drawing on the run
My foundation
My phone
A small black purse with a pirate skull! (This contains all my games for my psp lol)
One black psp
A mexico cloth that I wrap my psp up in haha
Two eye shadows (Browns, blacks, and whites)
One small box of.. ladies products ^^
Ipod nano dressed in green
Random Origami star
One hair clip
Swallow Necklace
One earring! (Which I seriously thought I had lost)
Two hair bands, for those... windy days
Minx tin with my mascara, eyeliner, makeup brushes
BabyDoll Handcream
Green Bangle
Three random keychain doll things I'm inlove with... just for my house key haha..^^ (well I won't ever lose it will I)
Silver watch
Last but not least... a hair comb!!

Phew, now I'm off to find the pair to that earring lol ^^

Oh gawsh, I have the randomest stuff xD
Eyeliner/Mascara duo thing.
Crochetting Hook
Stitch makers
Hello kitty journal
Small sketch pad
ankle socks?
thats it. haha

(Note : The cat is not actually part of the contents.)
Pink Razr
Pink Nano
Knee socks (I hate being cold)
2 pair of gloves (I REALLY hate being cold)
Vintage light bulb stems for doll house
Tin-o-safety pins
Crochet camera coozie (Presently holding camera)
Note pad & pen
Another pen (Colorado "Hi!" novelty with roaming moose)
B.C. pills (that's birth control to you & me)
Hair clip
Bobby pin
List (asst. needed items)
Business card wallet (Pocketo!)
Regular wallet (Loop!)
Checkbook (w/ asst. bills/receipts)
Beer mat from bar
Ball chain
Crochet wristband

It doesn't look like much, oh but to the contrary...
it always seems like i have more stuff than this in my purse whenever i'm searching for something and can't find it...

3 different eyedrops - for contacts, environmental, & allergy
baby tin of bag balm (so good for lips)
harajuku lovers wallet
red chinese coin purse (actually from china!) - i use it to hold supplements and meds
flapper dancing with devil compact (love the 20s!)
vincent longo lipstick in "sexy lady"
keys with "nightmare before christmas" keychain
one lone bobby pin for when my bangs get annoying
blue lace agate, moonstone, & tiger's eye
birth control pills

it always seems like i have more stuff than this in my purse whenever i'm searching for something and can't find it...

3 different eyedrops - for contacts, environmental, & allergy
baby tin of bag balm (so good for lips)
harajuku lovers wallet
red chinese coin purse (actually from china!) - i use it to hold supplements and meds
flapper dancing with devil compact (love the 20s!)
vincent longo lipstick in "sexy lady"
keys with "nightmare before christmas" keychain
one lone bobby pin for when my bangs get annoying
blue lace agate, moonstone, & tiger's eye
birth control pills

I have a HUGE purse. Seriously. but no camera. Happy Hope I can just list what I've got! (I just realized I SO need to clean out my purse!!!)

1) 18 reciepts, mostly wadded in balls
2) a 3-way skate tool (for my derby skates)
3) a "syringe" of bearing oil (which is NOT fun to accidentally leave in your purse when travelling on an airplane)
4) 3 small Star Wars figurines
5) my 8-year-old son's copy of "The Time Machine" by HG Wells (and no, I'm not kidding...he's actually reading it)
5) 12 different frequent buyer cards from grocery stores and Hot Topic (gotta buy my fishnets somewhere!) and Auntie Anne's pretzels
6) a travel sac with my current on-the-go knitting project (a ribbed tuque for my son in his football team's colours)
7) 3 ticket stubs, one from my last plane ride (2 years ago) and 2 from sporting events
8) 3 programs from roller derby bouts
9) 13 pens (only 6 work)
10) my check book
11) condoms
12) 2 bottles of lotion
13) a laptop mouse, minus the USB connection
14) 4 super-sized tampons
15) 3 straws
16) a packet of ketchup (waiting to get skewered and cover the inside of my handbag with goo...uck. I'm throwing that out right now)
17) 2 books of matches from a bar where I met my boyfriend
18) a dollar and 74 cents (one dollar bill, 2 quarters, a dime, 3 nickels and 9 pennies)
19) a box of Candy Cane Junior Mints
20) a bottle of Patchouli body spray
21) a bottle of Burberry Brit
22) a size 4 double-point needle
23) a cute little cupcake stitch marker
24) my copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!
25) one dried out mascara, 2 lip glosses, 1 chapstick and a crumbly green eyeshadow I don't recognize.

I think that's it ;)
Marilyn Monroe Purse
Postcards of one of my paintings (instead of a contact card)
Travel brush
Lipstick with mirror
Chewing gum
Anti bacterial hand wash
Nail file
Pencil case containing....
Pen from Australia
2 crochet hooks
Stitch unpicker
Halls throat sweets
2 Hair ties

I usally have my mobile phone (it's charging)
& my digital camera (but of course am using it!)

My bag is a The Nightmare Before Christmas shoulder bag.
In it I have:
*A cloth shopping bag which is from germany with a cute turtle and a frog in love and a rainbow Happy
*my calorimetry
*phone(which was taking the picture lol)
*2 sets of keys
*spare socks(for those rainy Icelandic days)
*hair clip
*old receipts
*pen, black marker and a pencil
*my moleskine notebook for when creativity strikes
*wallet and cool chinese style coin purse
*bottle of sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden
*small tub of aloe vaseline
*lil clear make-up bag, with tampons/plasters(I am a super clutz)/san pad/painkillers/hair clips/hair bobbins/scissors

Not too much, but all that I need Happy

It's funny how many people are shocked they carry so much stuff around with them... I think it's good to be prepared!

But anyways, here's my list:

-Mini Notepad
-Hair Tie & Bobby Pins
-Sample Perfume (Dior Addict)
-Some Makeup & Brushes (Concealer, Bronzer, Lipstick, Lipbalm)
-Smokes & Matches
-4 Tampons
-Birth Control Pills
-Strawberry Flavored Latex Dam
-4 Condoms (one of them is flavored)
-3 Mini Lube Samples (2 silicone/ 1 waterbased)
-Black Ribbon
-2 Sets of Thumbcuffs
-Spare Knickers
the saddest part is that not only did it take me forever to write down all the crap I had, but I put it all (including the garbage) right back in lol.

but I don't see my entry... Happy
Ahem...ok, here goes.
One brown faux-leather bag containing:

one slighty beaten and very empty cherry wallet
one pink leopard print change/bus ticket purse
one lip balm
5 asst lipsticks (one for each mood during the day)
One lint roller
One pink mobile phone
hot pink mini Sharpie
one spot cover stick
one mexico lighter with a cartoon tequila shot on it
one Moleskin agenda notebook
one mini turquoise ink pen
4 unpaid bills
one emery square
pair of black leather and leopard gloves
2 emergency napkins from coffee shop
one travel bottle Tylenol
one green ugly 'girly' case with 'girly' necessities
one allinone makeup kit M.A.C (also pink...)
2 'safety devices' ;)
one travel toothbrush
a couple of ratty bus transfers
one keychain containing ONE key but 5 keyfobs
broken zipper pull from aforementioned brown handbag
one arm of broken sunglasses
one lollipop wrapper
asst plastic beads from broken, homemade (by my son) keychain

*human dustbin lmao

i-pod +i-doc
sketch pad
wrist thingy- pink with black skulls
spare socks
bank letter
pay slip
hair sticks
freebie stickers from high street
sweets - urgh theres an orange one
make-up - eyeliner
eye shadow
special nail-polish the stuff that stops u biting
2 permnant markers
1 empty bottle from dinner
sin city dvd - not mine just lending
a hair mag
fob watch
ladies tin (*bodyform cough lol)
carling gig ticket - my sisters band -wow she rocked
hand cream
belle de jour secret diary of a call girl
baltic brochure
pig - prezzie of a friend awwwww
cards - easily bored at college
a little blue tin -lip balm
vampire teeth
impulse body spray
ted baker hair spray
nightmare before christmas badge - rocking whoo
pencil sharpner

a photo of me and my best friend - i loves her x

whoo i think thats it lol
my purse look like a pig pen inside the stuff i need.
beads and bead needles, beading thread and bead fasten.
3pen a wallet wet naps hand lotion.
hair band Tylenol keys on a ring sewing kit.
hairbrush note book lipstick toothbrush kit.
cell phone.i am not a old lady i hope.
I know I keep way too much junk in my bag, but I was a Girl Scout and am always prepared!
Keys-2 sets
wallet/purse organizer
Baby Tylenol
female products
Adult Tylenol
4 different types of lip balm
book light
aroma therepy oil
Triple Antibiotic ointment
Bee Bar solid hand lotion--wonderful stuff!!!
cell phone
loose change
one M&M cookie with a bite out of it....I think my daughter put that in there. LOL
dentist bil
post-it notes
FaithBuilders encouragement cards
a key that doesn't work and should be returned to the store.
Im twelve Lol But Usually My Bag Contains:

1. Purse
2. A Book
3. a Pen
4. Some Lip balm/ lip gloss
5. Hat
6. A Drink
7. a snack
8. Phone
9. Tissues
10. Notebook
11. Keys
12. Mini mirror
13. Box of mints ( Sometimes )
14. Extra socks
15. some Other Women Stuff i Cant Say lol
16. Bobble/ comb
17. EarPhones ( for my Phone )
18. something out of a cracker, like a puzzle or something
19. Scooby Strings
20. sunglasses If it's sunny

Thats It really. Geesh I didnt Think I had That Much! Lol
Hmm, I don't see my entry??
-Wallet/change purse
-Hotel Key (forgot to return!)
-Metro ticket
-Michael's gift card
-Hollister gift card
-Pony band
-Two quarters
-Camera (not pictured!)

: ]
-a box o jiffy muffin mix, i love jiffy!
-a cd case made from hello kitty paper bag with a mix d of french pop music for my sister!
-a harmonica, yes i play on the streetcorner with my friend who plays ukelele for money sometimes
-hello my name is tags, i saw mr magoriums wonder emporium and wanted to put them on all my inanimate objects. also in the movie juno she has them up all over her room with her moods on them
-wallet and keys, i have an old vw bus key from mydad's trips
-mix cds, gand ole party's new alum and a mix from a friend
-phone can't just go around unplugging phones, they DIE!
-makeup, mirror, facewash, lotion, eyelash curler chapstick and tothrush, gotta look my best!
-eraser, to rerase life's little mistakes, don't you wish you could use them for more than just drawings?
-pocketknife, need to defend myself! also handy when camping!
-lighter, sometimes it's dark and sometimes i smoke and matches are soo seventies!
-knit beanie, knittin is good for the soul and sel-sufficiency

Funky Bag (broken zipper)
MP3 Player (handmade bunny case)
Watch (broken watchband - Had this for 10 years now)
Train Schedule to NYC
Hair Scrunchy (Never leave without it!)
Canon Camera-bag + Camera (Always great to have a camera with you)
Jeweled Flower bracelet (When I want to feel pretty)
Pill box
Journal (where I write everything I forget)
Cosmetic mirror
Pink Lipgloss
Chocolate Lipgloss
MetroCard (subway-buses)
Japanese cute pencil
Purple thick pen
Black fountain pen
University landyard
Keys - Car,house,dorm,swiss army knife.
Coin/Card Case - ID, license, School ID, Library card
WARNING: There is a lot of stuff in my bag, my friends call it the Marry Poppins bag and say that they are waiting for me to pull out a lamp.
OK so now that your prepaired, here we go.

The bag contains:
-"electronics" bag(2 calculators& my camera)
-ipod pouch
-med bag(mirror, motion sickness pills, asprin, period supplies, lens cloth, alchohol wipes, hand sanitizer, nail file, sugar packets, 2 tubes of chapstick, dental wax, toothpick, allergy pills-drowsy and non-drowsy, dental floss, and one of those little screwdrivers for glasses)
-sunglass case w/ 2 pais of sunglasses
-candywrappers and an empty water bottle
-pencil bag
-liquid lollypop candy
-tangle toy
-assembly program from last month
-cell phone pouch
-2 brain teaser games
lapel pin for school
-pen light
-Kleenex moistcloth sample
-2 bags of cookies
-sudoku rubix cube
-2 granola bars
-mini candy cane
-2 mirrors(Don't know why I carry them, I never use them)
-a deck of cards
-hall passes
-"angry bear"
-2 lip glosses(as with the mirrors I never use them)
-museum recipt
-measuring tape
I'm also surprised at how much junk I just took out of my handbag.
(A lot of these things are in their own cases.) Dante's "Inferno", notebook, crochet hook, pen, hand cream, lipstick & brush, iPod (but no earphones), change purse, keys, antihistamines, switchblade comb (not knife), multi tool, skull bracelet, ibuprofen, stubby eyeliner, tissues, lipgloss, blotting papers, sunglasses, safety glasses, prescription glasses, cosmetic bag (with makeup, sewing kit,etc), hair junk, teabags, mittens, gum (spearmint), wallet, earwarmer, homemade lipgloss, Death Mints, birth control pills, ciggies and Zippo, cell phone and charger, wristwatch, hair stick, hair elastics, various hairpins and safety pins, a couple of bucks in loose change. And my camera was in there too. I wonder if I'm going to fit it all back in...
Did my entry go thru?

i have to say: i'm tempted to enter, even though i designed and made the prize Happy
Awesome, I found out I can list all the items in my bag!

I warn you, it's a very long list:

1. My mass o'keys
2. A green plastic travel soap dish with my green iPod Shuffle and a pair of green ear buds
3. My wallet
4. My change purse
5. Organic grapefruit lip balm
6. A cell phone case (but I usually keep my phone in my pocket)
7. A travel bag which contains:
a) my checkbook
b) a pen
c) a travel pack of tissues
d) 2 WetNaps
e) a travel mirror
f) a travel size tube of Gold Bond Ultimate
g) 3 condoms
h) a pack of 5 Gum (spearmint)
i) a powder compact
j) a book of matches
k) eyedrops
l) a calculator
m) hand sanitizer
n) some... uh... "feminine" products
o) a fortune from a fortune cookie which reads, "You will soon gain something you have always desired."

Never let it be said that I'm not prepared. ^_^
I can't enter! I don't even have a camera on my phone!
I didn't realize I had so much in my purse!!

Avon Soft Musk
Caron Simply soft yarn
2 size 8 knitting needles
Lion Brand Red Fun Fur
manicure set (use it to cut yarn)
7 pieces of candy
skin crack ointment
2 pens
headset used for work
bus schedules
Craft: magazine
christmas card
small notebook
kids christmas wishlists
plastic bag
3 quarters

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