Snippets Issue 9 : The Christmas Issue

Beauty Tips

Cathryn shares her tips for winter holiday perfect looks.

Beauty Tips

By Cathryn Michael Murray


The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we hate to say it, but your everyday make up just won't do -- this is party season baby! It's time to go sparkly, go girly, go dramatic, go frosted, go gold... or even better yet, do them all (just not at once)! 'Tis the season to be jolly, make-up included, so I am here to give all you glam girls some great tips.

I am a girly girl. I love being a girl! I love wearing makeup and getting all dolled up. My favorite makeup is MAC, but I also like to try all types of makeup. Being bi racial-French, Italian, Black, Moroccan, Caucasian and Indian I can get away with wearing a lot of colors. My best features are my eyes. I tend to make them pop with Boots No7 Maximum Volume Mascara - Black. I swear by this product and it is really affordable too (available at drug stores). I also am really big at making my eyes stand out, so Mineralize Eye Shadow Engaging ($16.50 US) works best for me. My skin color looks positively fabulous in Gold. I am a big fan of this color, and it is perfect for the holidays. And when it comes to the lips, we glam girls should opt to go for a lip color that stands out. Since I am fortunate to have been blessed with full lips, I opt for Viva Glam III by MAC ($14.00 US) for the holidays. I have to admit lining the lips is so important. The Viva Glam series is perfect for all glam girls, pin up girls and anyone that wants to be a true glamour queen. I top my beautiful lip color off with a clear lip gloss (MAC or local chains carry a clear lip gloss). I just am in love with the MAC Clear lip gloss ($13.50 US).

I am also big on bronzer. I love putting bronzer on, especially during the winter months. A great bronzer adds a beautiful healthy glow during those cold winter months--perfect for the holiday!


A big part of being a glam girl is Hair. Thank goodness my hair is now a little longer. I am very big on curls, but I also prefer flat ironing my hair first. This gives my hair a sleeker appearance. In fact, I just invest in a great flat ironed by Chi. the Chi gives my hair a sleek style, but I am also able to add beautiful curls to my hair. It is a little costly (price $120.00 US) but so worth it. It gives us glam girls the type of beautiful shiny, plus curls that demand attention!!


Holiday attire is a must for us glam girls. I am big on wearing reds and lots of it. As a curvy chick, I opt for Corsets (Charmeuse Corset $59.95 from This style is fabulous for curvy gals. A sexy corset, black skin tight jeans, and a pair of high heeled boots are my fave styles. This is a casual, yet cool holiday look. Top this off with a red Santa hat and you are ready to hit the town. But for dressier occasions, I for a sequined red (my fave color) top and long skirt that matches--Think Elegant and Classy!

Gosh I love the holidays. I love getting all glammed, but I also know that every day you just can't step out looking like a glamour girl. So for casual days, a bright red lip stick, mascara, and lip gloss can really make you stand out! Mascara and red lip stick does wonders for you--plus it makes you feel like the fabulous glamour girl that you are!

You can find out more about the very lovely Cathryn on her website.


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