Weelllll....... I'm 29 and a mom of 4. We welcomed #4 on June 2nd. My kids and my hubby bubby are my life.

My hubby is 4 years younger than me. We took a lot of crap for that for a while but now it's rarely brought up anymore. He got more crap for the fact that I already had 2 kids when we got together. And yet he loves them like they're his own. Honestly, they're more his than the ex's. Or rather, the donor's. That piece of crap hasn't been around in 3 years. And we don't mind one bit! (Neither do the kids. One doesn't even remember him. Thank >insert deity here< for that!)

The kids: our oldest is a boy, Brandon (12), then there's our two girls, Lily (7) and Lainey (2 now!), and finally, our last, (Baby) Jim. He's actually George James, but Daddy is George as well, so #4 got nicknamed Jim. The girls have been calling him "Baby Jim" since before he was born and it's stuck. Everyone calls him Baby Jim.

When not doing something for my family, I looooooooove knitting. I learned how when I was about four months pregnant with my (now) 2yo daughter. I always thought knitting was granny stuff. Was I EVER blind!!! I started with a simple "Learn to Knit Kit" from Boye. I was hooked after an hour. (That's about how long it took me to figure out the basics.)

I like crocheting, too, but I'm not very good at it. I'd love to start making amigurumi but can't seem to get my tension right! Ugh, so frustrating!

Scrapbooking is another of my favorite activities. It's a fun crafty thing but it's also a walk down memory lane, you know?

Cooking is another of my favorites. This is one of my "hobby" type activities that my husband enjoys along with me.

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