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Welcome to the dark side!

For this issue of Snippets, I wanted to embrace a part of my life I've often felt it necessary to dismiss or downplay; my love of all things goth. Now, we could position ourselves as gatekeepers of goth, making strict decisions over what does and does not qualify. But rather than taking any particular stance, we took a more philosophical approach. To me, goth is knowing that Eeyore is your favourite Winnie the Pooh character, but not knowing why; loving horror, even though you're squeamish; being inexplicably drawn toward dark, dramatic colours, lace and velvet. Many would like to argue about what goth is, but I see it less as a trend and more as a way of life, a way of being.

So when I say this is the goth issue, I don't mean it's about goth music, fashion, or any one thing. It's a celebration of all things goth and gothic. We have some fantastic pieces in here, including a real dream piece for me - the opportunity to interview the fantastic Wednesday 13, an artist I've loved since my teens, and come to understand the man behind the makeup. We also have an unsettling original story, an interview with cellist Polly Panic, a timescale of the evolution of goth music and tips and tricks from the dark side of burlesque. Make sure to enter our fantastic giveaways, and most importantly, never be ashamed of the darkness within you!

Jenny Mugridge

Alex Hindley, Ashley Paskill, Emma Holohan, Raz

Thanks to:
Bonnijo from GothicLitStitch, Jeremy Saffer, Michelle Star, Wednesday 13

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