I'm Lizi.
A Eighteenager, who's love is Skittles and habitat is fruitloops.
Crazy in colour, Black and white in writing.
And yes...I am what your parents always warned you about.
I live under your bed, go on..you know you want to check.
NOT a camera whore, we're in a relationship, someday we will make photogenic babies...Jelous much?
I should be living in Japan.. that's what my friends say anyway. I am obsessed in everyway. Wanna take me?
Simply Complex.

Love designing, and hope to get into Uni to complete a bachelor of design ^^
Currently have a label running with my sister at the moment called 'Calexibeth & Panda', Alex makes baby-wear and I have my own retro/kawii/urban accessory collection going on.

I am mostly a fun loving person, often described as a hardcore three year old trapped in an 18 year olds body because I am the most hyper girl you will ever meet. Immaturely mature ^^

If you have any questions.. feel free to ask =)
Lizi x