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Welcome to the Cuteness Issue of Snippets. We've got Violet Le Beaux on the cover and an issues stuffed full of adorable things like Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel and The Morbid Dollhouse. We've also got four fun new contests, so make sure to enter if you're feeling lucky!

Hugs & kisses,
Everyone at Snippets xoxo

Collette Teasdale, Jenny Mugridge, Katie Wright, Shannon Wagner & Vanessa Irno.

Alex Beadon, Ally Ebdon, Mary Krupa & Xani.

Thanks to:
Ian @ Denimu, Jade @ Creepy Dolls, Lewis @ Laurence King, Marie @ HeX Potions, Sneezy & Mary, Violet Le Beaux & Janet & Ziggy @ Cicada Books.

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