Snippets Issue 9 : The Christmas Issue

Contemporary Christmas

Danielle Spires shares her approach for a very contemporary Christmas.

Contemporary Christmas

By Danielle Spires

My favorite motto is "Modern 4 Life". I might even get it tattooed on my arm, inside a big red heart with an arrow. That's why I started Love Las Muertas Jewelry, a company full of hand-poured resin necklaces and earrings, all with a modern or vintage touch. So for xmas, I stock my house up with modern finds, and ornaments, which I wanted to share with you!

modern Christmas ornaments

The first place I go to for inspiration is MOMA. I found the most amazing glass ornaments on, very Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. I've always found that simple design is more than enough for any tree

modern Christmas ornaments

But I also love loud and bright decorations. I've found some of the best ornaments on eBay, or even in cheesy Christmas stores. Wellingtown Design makes some bright and festive ornaments, but with a modern twist. These are still fun, but with a classic feel.

modern Christmas ornaments

And my favorite ornaments, are the crisp clean decorations such as this 'Modern Ceramic Ornament Set'. So gorgeous and clean, with a hint of color inside each ornament. These would look beautiful on a vintage silver Pom-Pom tree. You can find these, and many more amazing x-mas finds on

So I bet you want to know what I wished for this Christmas? No it's not a puppy, or a pony... it's a plastic 1960's kid's camera. It's called the Diana, and it's to die for! Look at for Diana and other colorful pop-art cameras.

And what will I eat my holiday ham off? These adorable plates that I fell in love with (also on modern Christmas ornaments I was so happy to see the designer come out with a set of dinnerware with her famous 'Night Owl' graphics, each with witty little wording.

And what would be an x-mas without me telling you an embarrassing story? Here it goes... I was toasting marshmallows with my family when I was about 8 years old. Yummy, right? Wrong! Mine started on fire, and I brought it up to my face to blow the fire out and it flung into my nose! I had to be rushed to the E.R., only to have my face bandaged the next 2 weeks with burns across my nose and lips. modern Christmas ornaments Luckily it wasn't that bad, but my ego sure was hurt. I still wont roast those stupid marshmallows, no matter how good they look. I make my sister do it.

I hope you found some inspiration in my x-mas article. I think the most important part of the holidays isn't just family, it's treating yourself right. I'm making myself a giant glitter resin Cupcake Necklace, wrapping it up and opening it Christmas morning. Keep a look out for my upcoming resin tutorial and you can make yourself something nice. Put a bow on it, lay it on your bathroom counter, and be surprised in the morning!

You can see some of Danielle's gorgeous resin-made jewellery on Love Las Muertas.


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