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Gorgeously Green Competition

Share you green tips for a chance to win the book.

Gorgeously Green Competition

By Snippets

gorgeously green book

We've got 3 copies of Sophie Ulano's book, Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life up for grabs. For your chance of winning, share your green tips, recycling ideas and suggestions for earth friendly solutions below.

Congratulations to our winners Alexis K, Rosie X and Shivi.

Find out more about the book on the Gorgeously Green website or pick up a copy from Harper Collins.


Close your eyes, and imagine that you are the earth.
You are responsible for taking care of people, plants, and animals.
You are amazing.

Now think of how you want to be treated.
Who won? Happy
I am curious ;)
1)Use biodegradable soap for dishes and then use that water for plants!
2) Start a compost pitcher in your kitchen, and if you don't have a yard, give the compost to a friend or neighbor.
3)Buy as much as you can second hand!
4)Hang your clothes out to dry on a drying rack or a clothesline.
5)Learn what toxic chemicals to avoid in beauty products and then read every label!
6)Walk Bike & Skate More, drive less.
7)Try taking the bus or train once a week!
8)Start a neighborhood cleanup for trash that lands in the gutter one evening a week.
Remember we only have one planet, lets clean it up!
-Use reusable grocery bags when you shop.
-Carpool A great way to limit exhaust fumes.
-Turn lights of when not in the room.
-Unplug items that are not in use to save power.
-Purchase Items that are Handmade.
-Use your debt card instead of writing checks.
-Eat smart.
-Use less water.
-Be sure to recycle (you can make money from aluminum cans).
-Recycle your cell phone, Computer, etc.
-Make stuff from your old stuff, junk is my best friend
I’m a packrat!
-Send e-mails instead of letters.
-Pay bills online.
ASK! i let people know that i use old junk for my creations and they let people know and then i hardly have to buy anything, i get some awesome vintage stuff, and things that other people dont know what to do with and end up throwing it out and then it crowds our landfills and dont get me started on that. then i use the "good" that i get and update them and they get a whole new life. I have made a vow not to buy anything i can make; cards, purses, present, whatever. Basically Recycle!
Here are my green tips:

- GO VINTAGE! Vintage clothing rocks. Not only is it totally unique, but Eco-chic too. Be inspired from your favorite era, whether its the glamorous fifties, swinging sixties, groovy seventies, funky eighties...there's bound to be something for you. By going second-hand, you are practicing you reuse-refuse-recycle mode, AND, avoiding the high-street 'Made In China' mania.

- RECYCLE! Banish your ordinary landfill bin for a week, and see how much waste you produce. Motivate you and your family to recycle! Everything from plastic bottles to batteries can be reused somehow. Contact your local council for details of where to recycle in your area. Also, try your local nursery for things such as cereal boxes, cardboard, unwanted craft items, glitter, plastic the kids LOVE making giant robots and racing cars. Not only are you recycling, you are encouraging kids to be crafty!

- Lastly, BUY ECO PREZZIES. Why not make something unique and irreplaceable for your loved one? Or, you could buy them an unusual gift to help a charity. For example, 'Oxfam Unwrapped' is a system set up by Oxfam where people can buy useful things such as goats and clean water for a year for people in third world countries. When you buy the gift, you receive a card and fridge magnet stating what gift you have purchased and what it will do to help, which you can then send on to your loved one. Prices range from a couple of pounds for mosquito nets to protect babies, to over £1000 to help maintain a school or well for a year. Oxfam release a special catalog for Christmas. Go to your local shop for more info, or buy online at (UK) (USA)

Good luck!
- Don't buy plastic bottles, buy glass ones!!, but if you do have some you can use them to stash buttons, beads, or any other kind of stuff.
Use the lids of the bottles to make e.g. pincushionrings, stamps, mobile things, and the bottle itself to make homemade beads (seen on this site ;) ) or make little terrariums.
- take a shower instead of a bath, it takes only 1/3 or less water than a bath.
- all the magazines and newspapers you throw away, use them to cover up your floor/table when you paint, make patterns out of them instead buying special pattern paper, use them to wrap gifts, make bags out of them (use a weaving effect, really nice!!)or try to make your own paper using all those things so you save the trees!!!
- place a brick or a filled water bottle in the tank of your toilet, so if you flush, you will use less water. (you use every day almost 60 liters just to flush)
- put a giant barrel outside (under your drainpipe, cover the pipe up with a panty so all the leaves and filth stays there), so when it rains the water will fill up the barrel and you can use it to water the plants, clean, wash the car, ...
- do the dishes in your sink in stead of a dishwashers, it will save water and electricity. If you do want to use it, don't use it just for 4 plates and 4 glazes, stuff it until it's full.
- Dry your clothes outside, it gives a nicer smell to your laundry and saves up water and electricity. (when you dry towels in the winter outside, at first they will freeze and become stiff, but if you let them hang for a little more, they will become very soft! )
- find a place in your garden (best place is in the end) were you can throw your used food or left-overs on, after a while they'll compost and you have nice warm soil to brighten up your flowers.
- grow your own vegetables, plant some trees like apple, cherry, pear, nut, plum, ...
and make your family happy with home-made pies or cake !!!
- Buy season vegetables and fruit, so no strawberries in the winter! If you don't know whether or not it's the season of a fruit/vegetables, just look at the prices...
- always keep a plastic bag in your car, you don't know when you need one ;)+ reuse them !!!!
- take the bike or bus or go by foot instead of taking your car, in big cities, by bike or bus will go faster than by car !!
Make your own gift wrap and gift bags out of home made paper made from office paper waste. Or you can sew some out of your fabric scraps &/or old clothing. You can also knit/crochet them out of yarn scraps, old nylon stockings turned into "yarn," plastic grocery bags turned into "yarn"(saved from before you quit using them, or gifted from friends), or whatever. They are more likely to be reused for something if they aren't paper!

Swap clothes, buy second hand, or re-invent old clothes into new clothes!

Also, be mindful of the person you are gifting to. When shopping for them you have to think like them. If you just buy something that YOU like that you know isn't the person's style, then you are really just wasting time, money, and product. (As well as showing the person how little you pay attention to them.)

When packing lunches (for kids and adults), use reusable containers instead of food wrap/bags.

When shopping for school supplies, don't assume what the child needs...find out first. And if you did assume first, just to find out you didn't need that extra binder/folders/whatever, give it to someone that does need it, instead of holding onto it for a time when you might (or might not ever) need it.

Re-enforce (or make) your child's book bag so that it can be used for more than one school year. The second year (or third, etc...) dye the bag with natural dyes, and add new embellishments.

(Making any of the above would be great projects to do with kids to encourage creativity and healthy well as strengthen family bonds and teach to recycle/reuse/repurpose!)
---Before heading to the store to buy things, make sure you don't already have something at home that will work. Need shampoo - what about that half-empty bottle in the back of the cupboard? Want a new outfit? What's in your closet that could be put together for a new outfit, or altered for a brand new look?
---Make sure you use up every bit of products before recycling the container. Turn upside down to get lotions and shampoos out.
---Try thrift stores first for clothing and household items.
---Turn off the lights when you leave the room
---Adjust the thermostat a bit; when you get used to it, adjust a bit more
---Think about your actions. Just because you've always done something a certain way, doesn't mean there isn't another way that would work just as well, and be more environmentally sound.

CO+K User
~Hang your washing out to dry instead of using the tumble makes your clothes smell fresher!!
~The most simple.....recycle!!
~Grow your own veg..Its so fun and your burn off calories doin it!!
~Walk!! Good for your helath and it cuts down carbon emissions!!
~Leave your hair to dry naturaly after going in the shower instead of using the hairdrier, you'll look gorgous in your own origional natural state!!

Hope these tips help you!!

I try to be as earth friendly as possible - - some things I that have been helpful are:

- recycle: old clothing and fabric-- I love to make clothing, but hate buying made in China, over priced fabric. So, instead I buy thrift store clothing! (Then I give my older clothes back to the thrift store). Thrifting recycles fabrics, makes your style one- of – a kind.

- reduce: I try to walk or ride my bike everywhere; it reduces the toxins our cars put out. I also try to limit my water usage: take shorter showers- - another tip is put a bucket in the shower, the left over water will fall into the bucket instead of the drain, this water can be used to water your garden and animals. You can reduce electricity by hang drying your clothes! Reduce the dependence on grocery stores and foreign companies- - buy organic, home grown- maybe even farmers market!

-reuse: Stop throwing away plastic and newspaper; instead craft it, recycle it. Turn plastic bottles into plant holders or cardboard boxes into furniture. - -Compost food- - start a community garden and compost pile.
Be a decisive fashionista. If you have clothes hanging in your closet more than 3 months unworn the chances are you´ll never wear it. Recycle, swap or sell them asap! This way they find new owners while they are still trendy instead of just gathering dust in your closet. We all make mistake-buys... If you buy mainly secondhand and eco-fashions, you can buy as much as you want with a clean concience.

Drop your machine washing temperature to 30 degrees and use biodreadable washing solutions (like Ecover).

Don´t take any plastic bags home when shopping. Bring your own (tote)bags or buy biogradable ones from the shop if available.

When ever shopping always ask if the shop has sustainable/organic/eco-products available, where the goods come from, where they are made, how they are produced and so on. The more consumers demand information the better the brands and shops have to take note about these important issues. But remember to be friendly and not preachy Happy
-eat local grown fruits and vegetables
-reuse plastic bags or take them to your nearest grocery store that has a plastic bag recycling program
- bring a tote with you when shopping or going to the grocery store, so you don't have to choose paper or plastic bags
-make your own giftwrap using paper bags, newspaper or even make giftboxes from cereal boxes
-instead of always buying new clothes revamp the old ones you have i.e. oversized t-shirts can become dresses or tunics, old sweatshirts could be made into tote bags and boring jeans/ skirts could be embellished with sequins
-brush your teeth and wash your face in the shower
-reuse cards greeting cards or mkae your own using supplies on hand

Many people don't realize how big of an impact your diet has on the environment. When you try to eat less meat (no one's telling you you have to give it up completely, or that it's bad) you can really make a difference!
Think about the life of a cow being fattened up for its meat. Think of all the resources it takes: all of the water it drinks AND all of the resources it took to grow the food that it's eating. Now, think about we could use those resources differently. Instead of growing crops to feed to animals to eat, why not grow crops for people to eat? It's like cutting out the middle man, it saves energy!
For the huge meat eaters out there, maybe you can think about eating more meat from smaller animals like chickens (which take less energy to fatten up), and try to cut back on how much cow meat you eat.
Not only does eating less meat help the environment, it can be a part of trying to end world hunger, as cutting meat from your diet can bring food prices down.
I hope you will all at least try to eat less meat!
- hold clothes swap parties with friends, you all get some 'new' clothes whilst having a great time with mates with put it costing the earth
- customise old clothes to give them a new lease of life (you can then swap with friends)
- be creative with your recycling , make new things from old items e.g beads from plastic bottles, badges from used bottle caps, glass bottles for vases etc etc
- use newspaper and magazines for giftwrapping, once used they can be recycled if not used again
- use a separate bin for food waste, which you can later use in the garden
- visit the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales or, they activiely work towards finding and creating practical solutions to environmental challeneges. whoot!
- get together with a group of friends and either share a garden or allotment to produce your own vegetables, you get a great sense of achievement when you eat the products of your labour. And come on everyone looks sexy in a pair of wellies. tehe.

*high five*
....use a timer in the shower set for 3 minutes
....with most dishwashers you shouldn't have to rinse your dishes before you place them in the machine, just scrap off food scraps into the bin
....when giving gifts try and put the presents in giftbags rather than wrapping them so they can be re-used
....look for tissues,paper towel and toilet paper made from recycled materilas,in your supermarket clothes from the op shop when ever you can
....try and get a solar powered phone charger
....use the lamp in your bedroom rather than the main light,whenever you can as usually your lamp light will be of lower wattage
....if you always use the dryer try using the washing line every once in a while time one of your house lights blow replace it with an energy saving bulb and gradually do this to your other light bulbs so that eventually all your lights are energy saving
....rather than just putting the newspapers in your recycling bin, add an extra little bin inside your house designated just for products that can be recycled so that every scrap of paper,cardboard,etc is recycled
....keep a bucket with you in the shower to catch excess water and use that water to flush your toilet

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