Snippets Issue 11 : Speak Your Mind Issue

Mini Blythe Competition

Win a Blythe themed plastic file.

Mini Blythe Competition

By Emma Jones

blythe contest


For a chance to win this very cute Blythe themed plastic file, simply tell us what you love most about these dolls, the best answer wins!

You can even post a photo of your doll if you like. Answer below.

Congratulations to our winner Emmy.

Learn all about Blythe and Pullip dolls in Emma's article, Doll Parts.


Their little faces look as though they have a whimsical question to ask of someone...anyone.
I would kill for a big one i have a mini blythe! i love the eyes as they say the eyes lead to the soul of a person and im fascinated by these big eyes! i don't know why people find them scary ?
*cough* that's 'how' am i supposed to choose, how unprofessional!
ooh am I supposed to choose!!! The winner will be announced in my blog when the next issue of Snippets comes out Happy

Blythe dolls represent the freedom that came with childhood. In this day in age when life is so demanding and stressful it's an amazing feeling to just be able to stop, take a breath, and play with a doll for awhile. Each one I customize becomes a friend with her own story, her own personality, and when I'm finished I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. They're all so beautiful and they bring out the creativity in their owners. What else could you ask for?
Blythe dolls remind me so much of the 60's and the 70's which are era's in cultural history that I am enamoured with.
I love how the look at you as of they were real. Kind of like they want to own you. I love em! You can make them look ao cute.
they're what i strive to be- myself! who of us havent ever awaken with the desire to wear a bunny suit?! thats pretty much every morning. And tights are the tops- they make any outfit!
I love the creativity that my pullips bring out in me. They've caused me to learn to sew, to style their wigs, to customize their faces and to write. My girls have become characters in a story that I have been obsessively writing for months. My dolls have led me to photography, which is a passion of mine I never would have known if it weren't for them.
I love how innocent they are.. cute, fun, and amazingly dressed pretty dolls <3
each one has its own character and unique style
uhhhhh i just love them <3 T_T
I absolutely love how unique each doll is. The wide assortment of hair colors is what really catches my eye. It reminds me of a time when I had the freedom of multiple hair colors that covered the spectrum. And oh the clothes...I think that every girl secretly wishes that she had a wardrobe matching the Pullip dolls'. They certainly have a style of their own.
I love how they truly play up innocence, instead of being overly adult. They're cute, fairly customizable, and are in so many popular themes. They're not like other dolls, but that doesn't mean they're not up-to-date. With outfits inspired by Sanrio, H. Naoto, and many other popular labels (in Japan, and a bit in the States), this is the doll we can really relate to these days!
I love their eyes! And apparently they change colour too! I want one soo bad but since they're a little expensive I can't get one but a file would be the next closest thing!

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