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Hey everyone,

Sorry we've not been around for a while - we've been relocating to London, but here's a shiny new issue to keep you happy. We're going to go and explore the city now, but we'll see you soon with our Day Of The Dead issue.

Lots of love,
Snippets xoxo

Writers: Alicia Calton, Cat Morley, Christy Haggard, Clare Kelly, Collette Teasdale, Diandra Jurkic-Walls, Emma Jones, Jeff Cottrill, Krista Moreno

Writer's page coming soon...

Contributers: Adrian Amiro, Ashley Pickin, Sarah Kramer, So Ladycat, Victoria Baker

Thanks to: Andi Zeisler, Felicia Sullivan @ Harper Collins, Jude & Laura @ Nettwerk, PolyCotN, Sue Lork

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