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Pancake Resistance

Cook up a wheat-free brunch!

Pancake Resistance

This very day is in the beginning of May and I'm at the departure gate of my flight back west across Canada. Airports and flying, for me, are always somewhat troubling. I mean, I'm relying on food that is most inhospitable to my system (such as the bag of Maltesers I'm mowing down on right now), stuck in a metal tube of recycled air for hours, and often carrying around a patience deficit. Flying is not an all-accessible way to travel; long distances equal high costs and not-so convenient flight availability. Often I'm surrounded by more cogs in the corporate and middle-class machine. Guys in suits and trophy-wives in "BeBe" shirts in first class, an all-white Albertan highschool sports team in coach. At this current moment, Malteser in hand, flying and traveling is reminding me of my commitment to change the way I am eating and consuming food in attempts to curb my growing feeling of being a cog.

At the beginning of January a friend and I bet each other $100 to stay off wheat and most glutens for exactly three months. We did it by relying on new recipes and ways of eating we hadn't anticipated. I began to consume high-fat low-lactose yoghurt every day. And on Sundays, instead of toast, potatoes and bagels, I began to make wheat and gluten free pancakes, all saucy and topped. For me, going "off" wheat and glutens in conjunction with a decrease in my "processed diet", was even more challenging, but also a step forward in my food-culture resistance. We're told to drink milk via youth-oriented print ads and to consume processed "on-the-go" foods everywhere else we look: even the grocery store. By taking control of the foods that we consume, and consuming foods that have a positive influence and contribution to our food communities we can begin to bring our food back home to our communities and our stomachs. We can finally be in control of what we put in our bodies.

Gluten-free anything is, by default, not fun. It's usually chalky and not very fluffy, and has this strange taste just to remind you that the little wheatlettes of love aren't there. But, as always, not following the recipe is the way to go. Below are my suggestions for gussying up your gluten-free Sunday morning pancakes and sticking-it-to-the-man. I always serve these pancakes with organic high-fat yoghurt and maple syrup. (Warning: general knowledge of pancake making required).

If you've got a wheat-free recipe you'd like to share, you can add it via your projects.


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