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Jewelry designer Adrian Amiro teams up with photographer Alicia Calton.


By Alicia Calton

I started seriously selling jewelry almost two years ago. When I was a little girl my great grandmother had this amazing trunk covered in old costume jewelry. I was always convinced some grand, mystical treasure was inside. When she passed away my aunt decided to strip the trunk. She had bags and bags of bits and pieces of costume jewelry that sat in the garage for a long time collecting dust. When I moved out and got my own place, she gave the bags and said she thought I could figure out something to do with them. That is pretty much how Shalottlilly started. I got so inspired by some of the things in that bag I have been making and selling jewelry ever since. I think my great Grandmother would be super pleased.

I never really expected my jewelry to take off like it has. It's so strange. My pieces now look so different than when I first started out. It is so amazing to actually be able to see yourself grow. Making jewelry is both hard work and a ridiculous amount of fun... which is what life is all about. The things I create are the most beautiful parts of myself.

Artist Collaboration between Adrian Amiro and Alicia Calton

I met Alicia Calton through the Fashion Central website. I was looking for photographers to have some professional pictures of my work made. I had been doing every thing myself; jewelry, pictures, modeling... It was very frustrating. I was ready to take my work to the next level. Alicia was the first photographer I contacted and the first to respond. I had no idea what to expect. I had never had someone else be in charge of some thing so important.

When I received the first set of pictures, I was totally speechless. Her work was absolutely breath taking. She made my pieces look like very pretty pieces of magic. I can not explain the feeling of seeing something you have put such time and effort into shown in such a beautiful light. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is with out a doubt an artist of the lens. She isn't afraid to get creative with her pictures and turn them into brilliant pieces themselves. Working with her has probably been the most rewarding and fun experience of my jewelry career to date.

What Alicia had to say about working with Adrian Amiro:

Working with Adrian was absolutely a fantastic opportunity for me as an artist, she was the first company that gave me a chance to shoot fashion portraits. When I received the first set of necklaces, I was left speechless. Her pieces are beyond lovely, each necklace has its own unique touch, not to mention it is defined with brilliant detail. You can tell that she truly cares about her art; Adrian's jewelry has a beauty unlike any other. What can I say? She has mad skills. Our first collaboration was held, in early June, and we currently finished up our second collaboration this week. It has been a wonderful experience working with her, taking her artwork and combining it with my unique photography styles and techniques. Overall it was an amazing experience, and I can not wait for future projects. I would like to thank Adrian, and all of the models that I have worked with during the photo shoots, I appreciate all of you greatly.

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You can see more of Adrian's jewelry, Shallot Lilly on her myspace or pick some up from her website and myspace.

Models: Amanda Allen, Brenda Rowe, Corrina Jastal, Emily Moses, Latasha Calton, Shana Clark


I love Shallot Lilly!! The stuff is gorgeous and it's not too expensive =DD

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