Snippets Issue 11 : Speak Your Mind Issue

Beauty Tips From Pin Up Girls

Beauty tips and style advice from French pin-up, So Ladycat.

Beauty Tips From Pin Up Girls

By So Ladycat


I'm a big fan of 50's and 60's style but I take care not to choose really old and vintage clothes, because I would have the feeling that I look like my grand mother. I choose clothes from new talented designers, such as Pin Up Girl clothing and Lucky 13, etc.

My favorite colors are baby pink, red and baby blue. My best item of clothing would be a sweet dress, because you can't feel more like a woman than in a nice dress. And even better would be a pair of high heels with it. What is also essential, is to wear some pretty lingerie, even if you don't have to make a strip tease to your boy. Finally, you have to think that everyday, you could meet the love of you life. So then you will be perfect everytime, every second!


I'm a make-up addict, even first thing I do the morning. It doesn't take lot of time to do as I'm used to doing make up by myself, to stay at home or when I have a photoshoot. Nobody touches me. My 3 essential products: black eye liner on my eyes, long and black eyes lashes, and the red lips. To be sure that I'm ready, I make this famous pout from Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran, Edward Runci, etc, 's pin up. You know, this pout with their lips? Funny and awesome! I look to their work since I'm a young girl, I'm used to making it!


As my make up, I style my hair myself. I have big problem with my hair because I would like to be blonde and brunette at the same time. So when I was brunette, it was simple to get good hair, straight with a fringe. Now that I'm blonde, it's a lot better because I can really do all things in my dreams. Basically, I use hair-curlers, not too small, not too big, to get a nice curl like Marilyn's. And sometimes I do this awesome 50's hairstyle. This one is quite difficult to get, I need 20 minutes to make it. I always add an accessory to my hair - a flower, a node, it doesn't make the hairstyle, but it finishes the perfect 50's hairstyle!

See more from So Ladycat on her myspace.

Photography by YanndeZign, Anxiogene, So Ladycat & Ange De Nuit.


is she also rockabilly?
That's SO LADYCAT <3 I love it.
wow dreeewl
so dreamy!
Beautiful style. I love those girls.
I love pin up style!!!
So pretty!!

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