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My first weaving project
I've been wanting to learn how to weave for a while, and this year when I went to Arizona a lady taught me how to weave ribbons on an inkle loom and even let me borrow hers. Inkle looms are used to weave ribbons and belts and such, and are pretty small (well, compared to most looms). The first two ribbons were made with the thread the lady had laying around, the later ones with thread I bought myself. I couldn't find any thread specifically for weaving so I used crochet thread. How long it took depended on the style and the length of the ribbon. I have no idea how long it took me in total, but I think for an average sized ribbon it took maybe an hour, hour and a half (?). So. Ta-da! Ribbons.

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jess l.
jess l. · Young, Arizona, US
Gorgeous! Yet another thing I'll have to try.