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Live your life like a Fantasy
I had wanted to construct a bag like Hermonie's for a long time, and then the opportunity came when I looked back at my Harry Potter glasses case (the one shaped like a book), I had to get a spare set of glasses, but got a tacky plastic case and I found a home made case I made almost the exact same way but for a pair of reading glasses that I hardly ever used.
That's when inspiration hit! I used a sticky note to help me figure out how to make a "bag of holding" for my glasses.
Then using a hot glue gun and bits of scrap fabric I glued the scraps together, around with a few other steps I made my own magical bag of holding for my glasses.
I made this a while back and meant to post it but time and time again I would forget to.

Shortly after making the Bag of holding case, I decided to do something similar to the Book shaped case, and make a Scroll that opened up and stored my other pair of glasses in it (I had three pairs)

It was very difficult to not make a Naruto summoning scroll verses a magic spell scroll, but the same steps could be used in the future to make one.
The wax seal is actually Hot glue painted gold.
See tutorial here:

Also if you wanted to and made everything more sturdy, you could used these as pencil cases.

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