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Belt on yer grog!
A simple little strap to add a decorative bottle to your belt

Posted by Raven W. from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia • Published See Raven W.'s 56 projects »

  • Step 1

    Find a bottle you like the look of. It helps if it has a flat front and back.

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    Step 2

    Take the strip of leather and wrap it around the neck of the bottle so that the end crosses over on the front of the bottle. Mark the point of crossover and punch a hole through both thicknesses. On the hole at the end you want to cut a little slit going away from the end to make it easier for the hole to go over the button stud like in the pic (doesn't have to be that long tho!)

  • Step 3

    Screw in a button stud on the strap where you punched the hole. Wrap the leather around the bottle neck and push the hole over the stud. Stretch it tight and go under the bottle and up the back to where it crosses the strap around the neck. Mark the point where they cross and punch a hole through both pieces.

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    Step 4

    Before you rivet the 2 parts together you need to sort out the belt loop. Fold the strap over so that there's enough of a loop for your belt and punch a hole there. Cut off the excess strap and rivet the 3 pieces together. You should end up with something like the one in the pic. To put it on the bottle simply pull the strap off the button stud, slip the strap onto the bottle and fasten the button stud back up :)

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