After a break, I'm back. I didn't want to delete what I have previously written, so I'll leave that below.
My name is Nikki, I'm 24, married and I live in England.
I like to crochet. I can also knit and sew, but crochet is my current favourite.
I'm hoping to add my latest projects to here, once I've taken photos of them.

There is just so much I like I'll never be able to list it all.
I'm just starting out making things and I want to learn to knit, crochet and make lots of different toys and clothes and bags and everything!
I'm 21, love animals, studying a degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare. No idea what I want to do when I finish uni.
I enjoy making things, I just sometimes have trouble finding material that is affordable, if anyone knows of anywhere that ships cheaply to England, or any good shops please let me know!

I can make/do: bracelets, plushies (with a design), bags, cushions, basic things, sew(hand), glue.
I can't: knit, crochet, design patterns

My ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeZombies
My FOLKSY: http://folksy.com/shops/AnimalNikki
My shop facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NikkisKnacks

My favourite colours are red, purple and black.
I like furry things, cuddly toys and items that can be used more then once.
My favourite animals are guinea pigs and dogs.
I also like monsters, zombies and robots. And Dragons
Stuff that glows in the dark is always fun Tongue
Currently collecting:
I use my future surname in some places to save changing it, especially facebook because I have run out of name changes

? My fiancé
? furry things
? plushies
? dogs
? my guinea pigs
? furrrrrrr

LIKES (no particular order)
Animals-guinea pigs, dogs, cats, anything really
Glow-in-the-dark stuff
Furry stuff
Unique items
Colours-red, purple, black
Gothic stuff
Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack & Zero are the best!)
Cuddles (I know they are physical, but does anyone remember the ad on tv which had the giant arms that hugged people when they had a drink of whatever the ad was advertising?)
*receiving things I can't make myself*
jewellery, necklaces, bracelets mainly, sometimes I wear rings, but I don't often change my earrings, although I have some posh nice ones that I save for special occasions Happy
Playing computer games, xbox, ps3, wii, n64, ds, gameboy. Mario.
Dead Space
Warhammer Fantasy & 40K
Creepy stuff
Knives, blades, bows, guns, crossbows, weapons in general
witches, wizards, spells (not harry potter stuff)
metal music, rock, 50's, 60's, 70's 80's classics
Aliens, Predators, AvP movies
unique notebooks, themed notebooks (like a spellbook)

Spiders (in real life, toys are OK as long as they aren't too realistic-looking)
Pink-I don't mind a bit of pink, but a lot is a lot
Twilight (major dislike)
Harry Potter (major dislike, but not as bad a twilight)
having to wear glasses Happy
getting migraines

Currently participating in:

Swaps Hosted:
Bag swap! Sept 2011
Xmas swap 2011

Completed swaps:
ATC Swap with Dragonfly
Newbie Vs Vet Swap (as a newbie) with TiffanyNoelle (she's awesome!)
Newbie Vs Vet Swap (as a vet) with abbers (havent heard if she has the package still)
Newbie Vs Vet Swap (as a vet) with bindiibabe
Stuffed Animal Swap (first time) with Calypso D.(havent heard if she has the package still)
HappyGram x1
Home Vacation Swap (sent pictures instead of dried foliage) with Libby W.
Dotee doll beginner swap with Kiddo
Chunky book swap with 7 others
Horror swap with Mary ;)
Jewellery swap (secret)
Bag swap (host)
Stash Swap with Bindiibabe
Bracelet Swap

Current projects:
Finish Uni

For the future: get a job
Hoping to make my own wedding dress for 7th September 2013!
Make a hoodie
Make a scarf/hoodie thing with ears
make a dream catcher
learn to use wire

If anyone wants to swap with me then please write on my profile or send me a message
Also if you would like something specially made for you then let me know!
You can see what I have made so far in my projects, flickr and facebook page.

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Dragoness · 28 projects
Anyone around any more?
Scarebear · Warren, Michigan, US · 2 projects
Thanks for checking out my projest! <3
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Thanks for all the faves! Hoping you'll accept my friend request...I wish I knew a better way to phrase that so I didn't sound so much like a crazy old cat lady :I
Hayley S
Hayley S · London, GB · 79 projects
thanks for the fave Happy
Amanda · Fort Mohave, Arizona, US
Where can i post pics of my Xmas swap stuffies?
Hayley S
Hayley S · London, GB · 79 projects
Hey Nikki- sent you a message a few days ago, havent heard back yet, hope all's well with you! If you could let me know about the email I sent that would be fab Happy

Marakyo · Olsztyn, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, PL · 39 projects
Thanks for faving my rainbow arm warmers!
The Bat
The Bat · 10 projects
Thanks for adding my Whimzy project to your favorites!
Amanda · Fort Mohave, Arizona, US
Sounds great. I would definitely appreciate that.
Amanda · Fort Mohave, Arizona, US
Well now I feel like an idiot, I didn't even see you had posted. *forehead slap* if you have someone that needs a partner, I'd love to still participate.
Amanda · Fort Mohave, Arizona, US
I am still hoping to do a Christmas swap, I just didn't know the rules of it, etc. would love to do it tho!
hannahable · 1 project
No problem. I love Peppa. I discovered her this summer while babysitting and I tune in every now in then sans a kid lol. I need felt but I think I will make this for my baby cousin who is soon to arrive. Great work.
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
thanks for the fav
bindiibabe · Dundee, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
Clear nail polish *should* be ok.
Permanent marker shouldn't rub off, and the heating should set most ink, but now and again I feel the ink does lift.
Stamping with a Stazon inkpad stays put, as do sharpie markers.
Whether the side you are applying the ink has been keyed or not can also have a bearing on its staying power.
LastKoalaBear · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 33 projects
sorry for the confusion. so you want to turn one of the bags inside-out then put the other bag inside it so that the right sides of each bag are touching then sew all the way around leaving a small hole to turn the bags rightside out (you will stitch this small hole up by hand after) does this help?
Anna H.
Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
Thanks for your comment on my suffering bear bag Happy
hannah g.
hannah g. · Horten, Vestfold, NO · 74 projects
hi Happy i just wanted to thank you for faving my origami shurikens, i really appreciate it ^_^ i see that youre pretty new to co+k (i am too) so welcome Happy i hope to see more great crafting from you in future.....wow, just read that long list if likes and dislikes o.o its kind of weird that i agree about everything XD i'll stop typing now since im babbling......bye Tongue
Becks S.
Becks S. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 36 projects
haha yep, exactly. (:
Angel Eve
Angel Eve · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 11 projects
I've made my own patterns for all of my dragons, im glad you like them though
bindiibabe · Dundee, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
Thanks for my goodies !!

Lacey · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 30 projects
thanks for faving my rainbow cupcakes!
Sarah :D
Sarah :D · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 20 projects
Thank you! Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Circle Necklace/Scarf Happy

CO + K User

Hm... without Walmarts, I'd recommend popping into any local craft store in your area and asking them if there's any set of jewelry tools for beginners (I've been making jewelry of all sorts for 11 years and I still use the same tools I started out with). If not, there's always hobbylobby.com and Walmart's website. Happy
Kin Dragon
Kin Dragon · Denton, Texas, US · 745 projects
Thanks for the Fav

CO + K User

Rarely do jewelry projects require an anvil or a hammer. Pliers are generally a necessity though. Keyrings for keychains can be bought almost anywhere and they are relatively inexpensive. Even most Walmarts sell everything you need to start making jewelry.
Witchy · New Zealand, Prince Edward Island, CA · 43 projects
Thanx for faving my family tree art Happy
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my pearl and chain necklace!
Eleanor · Whitehaven, England, GB · 37 projects
Thanks for the fave on my shoes. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi sweet friend
aaaw thank you for the sweet comment on my toilet paper beads project.
it's funny to think it's just toilet paper.LOL
it was good to made them and i have found during the making some new tricks.
the salt was from an other , read it in a discription and thought salt?
when i read one i thought yeaah of course sooo smart,
and the hairdrier trick was just an accidently founding.LOL
like that.
hey hope it 's helpfull this tute and wish you fun with the making of, in reall they beads are much prettier -S always a problem with making picts.
don't know how to make them better, but this will do as well.LOL
hey have a nice good crafting weekend , lots of hugs and kisses.<3
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
hey Happy
thanks for the fave on my 'i <3 music'-ipod shell!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, i have thought about it some more
I think you must make up your mind do you want to be local selling or just world wite, then you can think of twitter, pinterestr and facebook as well.
local you can ask if your work can be sold in a shop, and ask for exhibition spaces in librairies , city halls and... hospitals, make a lot of pretty eyed bunis cards so people can't find you later on.
but ... i think tell your parents that you want to make a living of it, they must exept your need of space.
you can look out for some work free spaces in your envirement . old buildings that stands empty and so on.
If you know people like t hat in your neighbourhood that doing sort of things you like ask them for help to learn more people to help you to be well know.;-D
Hope this is a little bit helpful for you.
i don't like facebook and pinterest because it took a lot of energy and it kost a lot of time to be socialize , so i don't use them often.
With ravelry as well, it's the same.
i like to surfe on the internet but... the dangour of stucked too long and sucked all your time with out doing your things is for me is a big problem so i try to choice .
okay this iwere my thoughts.LOL
hey hope it's a little bit helping and wish you all the good and stay a happy crafting girl;XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Nikki, aaaw thank you for your friend request, like to be your friend,
and yeaaaah we're just friends.LOL
about your story, it makes me sad.
Can you ask for a tiny place in your own room for crafting?
so that you can lay behind the materials you are working with?
Because always cleaning up isn't working , and helping you.
And jewerly and all the other things is super cool but it's much smarter to choice the things you're the best skills for , or for later,
i like your plushies. they are funny.
i must think of other ways to sell, i will let you know, sometimes ... etsy isn't working for everbody. but... it's a way.
i will write you later my ideas.
hey have a good nice crafty day, greetings and hugs, and till later;XD xxx
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
hey Nikki! Just fyi you PM me whenever your ready for a new happy grams address Happy You can send them out as often as you feel! Just let me know <3
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Zombiella x.
Zombiella x. · London, GB · 49 projects
Thanks for the favHappy
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the comment on my milkshake. Let me know if you try it out ^_^
Kittychuu · Lowestoft, England, GB · 16 projects
Thank you so much for the tips and advice hun! and also for the friends request. I'm gonna look into the local crafts fairs and get myself started online hopefully soon, most of the writing is for jewellery and craft magazines and actually got a project published 3 years ago.
Roxxy Bones
Roxxy Bones · London, GB · 6 projects
Heyya hun!

I do still make dreads Happy

If your interested please email me on Beccar_Sixx@hotmail.co.uk or look on www.cherrybombdreads.webs.com

thanks Happy xxx
Little L.
Little L. · 4 projects
haha, no i haven't, need to try that one.. however i always find that the appeal of that kind of thing is lost when it comes to washing them... Soft/smooth paper, like for example fresh envelopes or fresh printer paper - it's a bit strange I know. Check out this tutorial for a sock monkey, I found it a great way to get started on making soft toys: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/sock_monkey_3
I made one to use for experimentation, for example making some parts narrower with a few stitches for a more shapely neck... thought you might be interested Happyxx
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Hi Hi! I saw your post on the Happy Grams and just wanted to let you know that you can send whatever you like. It can just be a card, or you can add in a little treat, or a small trinket. Some people who have extra time and can spend a little more on postage send extra stuff. But I just like making really nice cards because I send out so many Happy Grams, lol. Let me know if you want to sign up, or if you have any other questions <3
Sweet C.
Sweet C. · Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, CL · 5 projects
Hi Nikki! I was starting to make the partners for the stuffed animal swap and both the other girls from the UK that signed up had requested a partner already. Hopefully someone else will sign up during these days... but if not... would yo mind and international swap? Until now the options are: USA, Netherlands, Chile.
Willow Forrestall
Willow Forrestall · Diboll, Texas, US · 6 projects
I made the pattern and sewed it, I make robes and other Medieval and Ren garb for a living. Most of my designs are based of paintings and old sketches from different time periods.
EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
Thanks for your comment Nikki! Knitting isn't hard at all of course it takes a bit of effort and can be frustrating in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it's fun and very relaxing! I myself learned by watching YouTube videos.
Little L.
Little L. · 4 projects
Hi! I saw your application for the newbie vs vet swap, but I'm a newbie too so this is not why I'm writing... I just thought we could perhaps help each other out a bit, perhaps suggesting tutorials etc, as I would also love to learn to knit/crochet! You don't have to, it's just an idea Happy

x Laura
Birgit · Leuven, Flanders, BE · 35 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy x
Witchy · New Zealand, Prince Edward Island, CA · 43 projects
Thanx for faving the monster ottoman Happy Yeah its a bit confusing, so I've updated it with some quick drawings to try and help explain it a bit better, let me know if it all makes sense now Happy Cheers for letting me know Happy
Pandora C.
Pandora C. · Norwich, England, GB · 12 projects
Thanks for the fave on my monster bag. And welcome to CO&K Happy
Calendula Rain
Calendula Rain · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB · 6 projects
Thanks for the fave on my baby cream Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Nikki, welcome to co&K hope you love it here , and.... having a lot of fun with the projects and... finding some friends as well.
allthough you have found some allready.Awesome like that.;-D
hey thank you very much of your faves on my heating mitten pillows , and the heating scarf pillow.
i stil using them all, , but i think i must make some more, for my cats as well , perhaps some other measurings for my head and other body parts.LOL
hey much fun with the making of and wish you much profite of it as well.
did you know you can use them ass well for cold packages.
Wrap them in plastic bag in the freezer and after an hour you can you them for cooling down..
but wrap an extra handtowel all around it,!!!!
hey have a great crafty crea funny weekend;-D
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy