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Inspired by the Adult YouTube series "Helluva Boss"
I had always loved Stolas Goetia's Grimoire from Helluva boss but don't feel comfterble drawing the actual demon seals or the stars on the cover that look like upside down crosses. So I made something similer to the Grimoire and made a fake feathered pen to match Stolas's attire. (You could say it's his ex wife's feather instead of his) and I tried to make a tacky looking buisness card for I.M.P.
The card was so tricky, Blitzo is a bad artist and I tried to dampin my drawing skills by drawing the whole thing in pen but I made it too good looking. (Aside from the Crappy Moxxie drawing and the drawing of Blitzo's face with "Blitzo rulez" on the side)
I'm still suprised I drew the hell horses so good when I did everything I could to make them bad looking.

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