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Is it magic or a pretty reminder of what is important? Either way, it's always worked for me.
I post this for Memorial Day weekend. It's my way of wishing you safe travels. I have used this several times and it gives me a constant reminder and sense of comfort reminding myself of what is important in life when I get frustrated.

*Always redo the knots before each road trip!

Celtic Knot Magic is also the origin for "tying a string around your finger" to remember something.

I hope you give it a try or at least know someone you don't even know cares about your safety in all your travels.

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  • How to make a fashion accessory. Celtic Knot Magic ~ Safe Traveling! - Step 1
    Step 1

    All you need is 3 minutes of quiet time and 18" of colored string. Red is great as it catches your eye, but blue is the 'recommended' color for travel 'spells'. Frankly, color is secondary.

    Tie 7 knots in your string. You can even tie a bead or special charm into the middle knot. With each knot repeat your travel goals out loud or to yourself. Here is what I used for this weekend:


    "Today I will drive safely.

    I will not let other drivers anger or distract me

    I will be watchful for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians

    I will be vigilant putting the safety of myself, my family above all other concerns.

    There is no clock, event or element more important than the safety of myself and those I love

    Blessed be~ (Or Amen)"


    On the 7th knot bind the ends of the string in a circle.

  • How to make a fashion accessory. Celtic Knot Magic ~ Safe Traveling! - Step 2
    Step 2

    Hang the circle of knots from your rear view mirror. (This picture is reversed.) Every time you look up, your eye will fall on the 'spell" reminding you what your focus really should be while you're driving.

    Untie the knots and re-do them before returning home.

    Safe travels my friends!

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