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A super easy skirt!
The skirt is basically a pair of rectangles with elastic. It didn't even need a pattern, but the finished result is quite adorable. I leave the raw edges of the strips shown, and after washing, it frayed a bit and the blue threads are exposed.

Fabric for skirt:
- The length of the skirt will be a little bit shorter than half of the fabric width (for hem allowances), so please pay attention to the width of the fabric. The fabric that I use is 120 cm wide.
- The length of my fabric is 1 m, I think this will be suitable for almost everyone.

A pair of fabric strips, each as long as your skirt fabric:
- My strips are about 3.5 cm wide each. You can make it wider or narrower.
- I leave the raw edges shown, but of course you can add seam allowances to make a neat folded edge.

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  • How to sew a full skirt. Easy Full Skirt - Step 1
    Step 1

    - Cut the fabric in half, resulting in two long rectangles.
    - Sew the short ends of rectangles together to make a tube shape.
    - Sew short ends of fabric strips together, resulting in another tube.
    - Mark placement of strips on skirt, about 5-6 cm from the top.
    - Sew strips on skirt, matching the side seams together. Leave a small part unstitched for putting in the elastic.
    - Measure your waist and cut the elastic. Don't cut too short, you can always cut later if it's too big.
    - Put the elastic inside the fabric strips. When the fit is okay, sew the ends of elastic together. I usually overlap the ends of the elastic then sew over it several times using small zigzag stich.
    - Sew the opening of fabric strips closed.
    - Hem the bottom of skirt. You can also sew a pair of ribbon loop on the sides for hanging the skirt, like I did.
    - Put on your new skirt!

  • Step 2

    Some ideas:
    - Instead of fabric strips, you can use wide ribbon. How about some pretty velvet ribbon?
    - Use twice as much fabric to make a long skirt.
    - Layer several transparent fabrics together (lace, chiffon) for a romantic look.



Peggals <3
Peggals <3 · Kingaroy, Queensland, AU · 83 projects
this. is. adorable!! defs gunna make it Happy
Marija M.
Marija M.
i made this one the other day... it's my first skirt and i love it. your projects are so inspiring!!! thanks!
la fille vanille
la fille vanille
thank you sooooooo much, this is exactly what i was searching for.
i love it, not only the skirt but also the tutorial is cute <3
little miss deerae
little miss deerae · Laguna Beach, California, US
great tutorial! i made the cutest skirt out of spiderman fabric <3
plumsong  .
plumsong . · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
another great, new, interesting project from you!
thanks much!
vintagefashionbaby<3 · 1 project
iam sooo.....trying it!
vintagefashionbaby<3 · 1 project
iam sooo.....trying it!
Stitch.Me · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 6 projects
i love the pictures!
KMOM14 · Fort Wayne, Indiana, US · 378 projects

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