i'm not unique
but don't try to be like me
i'm not innocent
but don't write me off as a bad kid
i'm not a genius
but don't think i'm stupid
i'm not your best friend
but don't think i'll leave you stranded
i'm not always myself
but don't call me fake
i'm not the girl you once knew
but don't give up on me

i'm Maria Lucia Tapia but the people i love call me LUCY
and chances are, if you like music, you'll like me.
i curse like a sailor. all. the. fucking. time.
i love the way i dress....i'm a future fashion desinger!
i hate fake people...but who dosent lol :]
i love anything that has to do with crafts..i love sewing...iam only 16 and lets say i have some pretty big dreams that iam working on!

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