Melissa creates a green & pink look for today's #DIYTheLook

I have eclectic taste and I like to mix evening with day. I also like bright colors and the corset look. I love mixing genres. As far as makeup goes, I like to go with bold looks when I wear it. I like it to stand out. I also read somewhere that green eye makeup makes you look awake. I love the ruffle look in the skirt and I picked the top because I thought it wouldn't be so long as to cover the skirt. And as mentioned before, I like corset stuff. I love wearing leg warmers with skirts in the winter (and sometimes the rest of the year, too). These go with the corset theme. I used to never go out without armwarmers and I'm thinking of bringing them back. These aren't too bulky and have nice detailing. The necklace is simple because everything else isn't but it has a nice personality to it. I'm in love with fascinators and I love this one because it feels less ornate to me. Wristlets are great accessories for travel or when you have a lot of walking to do. This one has the unique twisted pleats which isn't something you see a lot. And finally the Victorian Mojito to go with the fascinator and the green in the plaid.

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