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from old to new
This is a project I made in school on our 'from old to new' -course. I had these old jeans that no-one would use anymore, and decided to make a skirt. (I got the inspiration from KERA-website.)

After I had the skirt finished, I still had enough fabric so I made a matching bag. :) The bag's lining is the same fabric as the skirt's "petticoat".

The harlequin -print is designed by me!


I hope I remembered all the steps right, it's been over a year since I did the skirt. :) And I decided NOT to make a how to on the bag, because I did that bag very poorly, and I don't know how to explain some on the steps... sorry!

Also, I've never, EVER made a how-to before. So I'll just assume none of you has ever sewn a thing... and I'm sorry if it's a mess. >__<

Sorry about my english, it's good when I don't have to explain stuff. D:

(And yes, I babble a lot, never mind that!)

If you haven't sewn a lot before, then I think you should try this with jeans you won't miss if you mess them up. :')

Posted by Lundora from Kokkola, Finland • Published See Lundora's 8 projects »

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 1
    Step 1

    I did this with a machine that is made for factory use, so it's stronger than usual sewing machines.


    There's what I had in the beginning in the picture. My jeans were a bit too high, so I had to make them lower and that's why my jeans are missing a piece. :) (No, I will not tell you how to do that, it's HELL.)

    Cut the legs of the jeans from where you want the skirt to end. (or lower, if you tend to mess things up like I do. :D)

    Rip off the back pockets if you wish to use those on the bag like I did. :)

  • Step 2

    Open the inside seam of the jeans. (you know, the one that's between your legs. :P)

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now there's some extra on the front that we don't really need on a skirt, so we sew it so it looks good. Like in the picture. (....I don't know how to explain this. :'<)

    You'll probably end up having some extra fabric on the inside, but you can just cut it off, just make sure you leave a few centimetres (inches? :P) in case the fabric frays. (is that really a word?)

    The back should be fine as it is, let's leave it be so. :)

    If you want to decorate with fabric paint or something, this it where you should do it!

  • Step 4

    And then, make the hem look good. My skirt is a lot higher on the right side and back, and goes smoothly to the left front from the back, but nothing stops you from playing around a bit. :)

    Then you can clean the hem up, or leave it unfinished, whatever suits your taste.

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 5
    Step 5

    And now we shall make the "petticoat". (if you can think of a better name for that, please tell me!)

    And now I have to admit I'm not really absolutely sure about how I did this. And believe me, my petticoat is a total mess! But I'll try to clear it out..

    I made mine with a basic skirt -pattern, using only the waist-part of the pattern to make the skirt fit on the hips, but I don't think this is necessary for the skirt to look good.

    Measure your waist (or wherever your skirt will stay on) and cut the petticoat-fabric on that size. One piece for the back, and one for the front. Make these pieces about 25 cm high. (This is your waist-piece.) Then cut at least two pieces at least same hight, but wider. (These are the hem-pieces.)

    (oh, goh. Look at my artist skills!
    ...so you should have at least 6 pieces...)

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 6
    Step 6

    Now sew the pieces together. Waist-pieces first!
    Then the hem pieces, don't sew the pieces together yet. You should now have thee "circles".

    Fix the hems of each piece, but only the other edge on the hem-pieces!

    Adjust your sewing machine to do the longest possible seam. Then get loose some string, so it'll leave a tail. Sew a line on the other hem piece, about one centimeter from the edge. When you're on the other end, don't cut the string, but let it tail too.

    If you want to be sure, then make another line like this about one centimetre below the first line.

    (if you dont get the lines on the bottom, then don't mind them.)

    Do this to the secod hem-piece, too.

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 7
    Step 7

    Now pull the strings so that the fabric gets wrinkled.

    (pull the under stings, not the bottom.)

    Wrinkle it all the way, but make sure it doesn't get smaller than the waist-piece. It's easy to widen, just pull the wrinkles "away" with both hands.

    It looks better if you've got your wrinkles all around, so try to keep it so. :)

    If you've never done this before, then it'll feel tricky at first, and you could lose your strings. But believe me, it'll get easier after you've practised a bit!! If your fabric's really hard, then you should be careful not to break your strings.

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 8
    Step 8

    Now sew all the pieces together.
    Remember to adjust the seam of your sewing machine back to normal. :)

    Sew the higher hem-piece about 15 centimetres above the waist-pieces hem, leave the wrinkles be, and just sew over them! Then sew the lower piece on the hem on the waist-pieces hem.

    Make sure you sew the pieces so that the right sides are together.

    I hope the picture makes any sense..........

    You can get the wrinkling-strings off now. (not that they're going to do any harm if you don't.)

  • How to sew a denim skirt. From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag. - Step 9
    Step 9

    So, now you got two separated skirts. Sew them together!

    Sew the petticoat's waist on the jean skirts waist.

    And so you are done with the skirt. :)



Niamh  R.
Niamh R.
I just like it..
Angzii Attackz
Angzii Attackz · 1 project
this is adorable! so gunna make this! :]
Reagan W.
Reagan W. · 3 projects
Ahh! I'm so sad!! I ran out of thread in the middle of trying this! D:
Comedy And Tragedy
Comedy And Tragedy · 2 projects
This is great! I can" wait to try it out on a pair of old jeans i have!
Elena B.
Elena B. · Lemoore, California, US · 2 projects
You could call it the underskirt as opposed to petticoat...
A. Chan
A. Chan · 4 projects
So cute! I love the idea of having a ruffled skirt underneath with an opening. Now I know what to do with my old jeans. ^^
Aurore · Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FR · 17 projects
Ohh lovely skirt !! I love the shape of the denim layer, and the frou-frou Happy <3
Raquel W.
Raquel W. · Brasília, Federal District, BR
hey, how did you make the bag?
emmilou w.
emmilou w. · Wallasey, England, GB · 12 projects
i love this skirt!
Lady de Horrorsmith
Lady de Horrorsmith · 5 projects
I hearts the skirty Lundora!! Very awesome-ness... I created my own version, so check it out soon.
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