Mini Embroidery Hoops from Dandelyne

Our sidekicks are getting creative with mini embroidery hoop kits from Dandelyne in today's Craft Test and making a brooch, drawer labels, punky pendants, a pin cushion ring and crocheted embroidery hoops.

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Mini Embroidery Hoop Brooch by Sarah

I thought they were great and I got stuck in straight away. I really loved the way they are packaged and the quirky instructions and inspirational ideas and suggestions. Easy to understand and a joy to use.

Pants Drawer Label by Ruth

I absolutely loved testing these kits - there’s something very appealing about working in miniature, and they were so easy to use and very well crafted and resourced (the use of sustainable wood was a nice touch as well). You end up with some very unique work that prompts loads of questions when people see them.

Tiny Hoop Punky Pendant by Chudames

I recently had the privilege of testing Dandelyne's Tiny & Miniature Embroidery Hoops. Not only are they a fun challenge for crafters skilled in embroidery and cross-stitch, but it is also a versatile enough product to create a unique medium for other crafters as well. I thank Dandelyne for letting me try their wonderful product, and hope that crafters of all levels will give it a try!

Mini Embroidery Hoop Pin Cushion Ring by Cat

The mini hoops were so adorable that I was really inspired to stitch a really cute design and turn it into a practical and cute ring.

Crocheted Embroidery Hoops by Hazel

I loved these hoops, they were really durable with a slight flex in the wood which would be really useful when using thick material in them. The size range was great as well, before I got them I thought I'd only be able to use them for jewellery as a big statement pieces but some of them were so tiny and delicate. The colour contrast between the dark outer and edges was a really nice added design element as well, really adds to the quirkiness of them without overpowering the rest of the design or what you put in them as the tones of the wood were quite neutral. The best thing by far was the service, Dandelyne was amazing to me and even sent some cool australian chocolate in with the order. 10/10.

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