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Cat attended the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh's Inverleith Park at the weekend where she picked up a packet of sea veg and was inspired to make a broccoli stir fry. See how she got on and cook along with her below.


Date: 8th August 2015
Address: Inverleith Park

Tell us about the event and what you could do there?

Similar to a farmers market on a gigantic scale, the Edinburgh Foodies Festival was filled with dozens of vendors and stalls to eat your way around while tucking into samples. Deciding where to have lunch was tricky with endless pop-up restaurants, food trucks and bars serving everything from lobster mac n cheese and crafted cocktails to BBQ pulled pork and paella, fresh from the pan.

Where was the event held ann what was the venue like?

Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day for the festival as it was held in the middle of Inverleith Park, which was the perfect place for relaxing in the grass with a gin and tonic.

Which vendors stood out and why?

It was definitely a gin lovers paradise this year with a giant teapot serving Pimms, a 1920's inspired bar and every local gin company offering samples and tastings at their stalls.

Were there any special activities, workshops or events to take part in?

Though the spaces were very limited, you could sign up for various masterclasses, tastings and talks with local chefs, brewers and bakers. We loved learning about new ways to use weeds in the garden with Hamish from the Secret Herb Garden.

What was your favourite thing about the day?

Our favourite thing was trying samples of all the different food and drinks. The best was a fresh dressed crab we ate straight from the shell.

Were you tempted to buy anything?

I walked away with a macaroon and a packet of fresh sea veg.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

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