Sian from The Makeup Honey recreates the look of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Hi Cut Out & Keep! I'm back again! Last time I was here I was a Beauty Superstar, this time I have been playing Cebrity Stylist and created a Buffy The Vampire Slayer themed look book. Buffy was a huge part of my childhood, I loved that she was a confident and powerful female within a terrifying world, she was strong but not afraid to show fear. Loyalty, love, friendship and acceptance are prominent themes in the Buffyverse, often teaching us that different is not always scary if you only give it a chance. Like Clem, Clem was amazing (the demon that used to babysit Dawn). Growing up with Buffy, I loved her style. Girly but practical, it is no coincidence that my wardrobe became full of skinny jeans, leather pants, floaty tops and boots. When I put this look book together, browsing through all the amazing tutorials on Cut Out & Keep I had so many flashbacks to different Buffy episodes. I hope you enjoy the look I put together and that you agree that it is something Buffy would definitely wear

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So happy that a DIY was made for Buffy. I'm huge fan, can't wait to try out some of these tutorials.
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